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Mom parenting 2 children with rare muscular disorder inspires those

Mom parenting 2 children with rare muscular disorder inspires those


Mom parenting 2 children with rare muscular disorder inspires those around her

Rebecca plays with Maryann as Jack participates in an occupational therapy session with Kate Billman, OT.

Tom cries as he gives his daughter Willow her daily lung treatment. "Rocket Man

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Stress Reduction for Parents of Special Needs Children

As Willow chokes on her own saliva, Glenda uses a suction tool to clear the

Mom blogging with baby in hand


Most first-time parents experience a decline in happiness after initial excitement, research says

The five mother types

These Very Ordinary Photos Challenge How We Look At "Special Needs" Kids

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A new born and his mother at Sambo Health centre.

Rare disease sufferers who performed in the drama “Rare Hug” in Beijing in February

It's a boy! First baby born with DNA from 3 parents

Glenda touches Willow's forehead to stop her eyes from rolling back into her head during what

Little girl in blue

how to tell if your child is overweight

The truth about babies who aren't 'cuddly'

Photo: H. Armstrong Roberts/Getty Images

What parents need to know about AFM—the polio-like illness affecting children - Motherly

Kylee listens in the back of a classroom at her high school where her mother is

So far throughout my life I had always set my own challenges and made myself accountable to overcome them. This was a challenge I didn't want but had no ...

Father issues 'urgent appeal' for seriously ill two-year-old son

10 rules for dating as a single mum

Breaking the Cycle of Toxic Parenting – How to Silence Old Toxic Messages for Good

Family After 40

Jonathan Pitre

Specialists are hoping to find answers for an infant born in Texas who had most of

The author's daughter, Rozie

In nursing 'everything good comes from the heart'

Wardle twins revisited: Now 3 and medical equipment free

'The 7 benefits of dating a single mum' according to a YouTube star


Breastfeeding doesn't make children more intelligent in the long term, finds study

James is a one-year-old little boy who was born with an ultra

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Parenting Style: Positive Parenting

Notes From A Dragon Mom

Luke Avansino, now 8, was diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis complex, a rare genetic disorder, as an infant.

Having an only child is desirable from a wide range of viewpoints and practicalities, but that doesn't make decisions about family size any easier.


get on with your in-laws

From International Down Syndrome Coalition

Amber and Kirsty are best friends and soul mates. They first fell in love when they were 15 years old. Today, they're in their late 20s, currently mothering ...

Parents cover stars Amanda Booth and son Micah, 2

Melanie Howram and Charlie.

Children with Down syndrome tend to grow and develop physically and cognitively at a slower pace than other children, but socially the tend to be similar to ...

Binny was born in a rich family. But they abandoned him because of his special

Raising a bilingual child in Spanish and English, a non-native language [guest post]

Crawling: Our Favorite Toys for Encouraging Gross Motor Development

photo illustration of mother holding twins from iStock


The author, center, at age 7. Photo: Courtesy of Patrick Burleigh

June 20, 2019 – Connecting with Yourself to Connect with your Child: The Power of Conscious Parenting

Rare disease makes girl unable to feel pain

Tons of Boppy Pillow Tummy Time activities for baby play. Great tips from a pediatric

When eczema runs in the family

As a child psychologist, I speak with so many parents who are concerned about their child's development or behavior. Mostly my clients aren't sure what ...

8-year-old boy aspires to be like his oncology doctor someday

This “children needing organs to survive” thing is real. In the past couple of months we have made friends with 5 other kids ...

What Will My Baby Look Like?

Mum and BabyLillie Lexie Gregg baby name: Ex On The Beach star picks unique name with religious meaning for newborn baby sonLILLIE Lexie Gregg has revealed ...

Everything you need to know about your baby's plagiocephaly helmet - Motherly

A young boy who looks anywhere between 4-6 years just showed the world that positive values like empathy and compassion start young. This boy from Sairang, ...

They are the best teachers Joshy could have and make us laugh multiple times a day. Seeing life through their eyes is inspiring and interesting.

Chris and Rob of 2 Travel Dads are all about helping their sons see the world. They've been together for over 10 years, married since 2013, ...

"These kids have been through more in their short lives than most of us will

happy child

I had a great Mothers Day- The first with all 4 of my boys in one place!

One Mom's Call for Sensitivity & Support of Special Needs

The family want to enjoy the time they have left together. Image: Facebook

Michelle Keller with her family on a bench outdoors

Dad turns his dying child into a superhero; pens down a special tribute

Parenting rules - how to parent


Sensory under-responsivity

image. Getty Images. These kids ...

Mother comforting her daughter with Relational Aggression Issues

Renee Bergeron's inspiring series "The Superhero Project" features special needs children photographed as empowered superheroes.

Little Bobby Maguire's concerned parents claim their 10-month-old son's seizures are linked. 2

They said the baby is here and is downstairs with your husband. I asked if he could come to me.

Mums shocked to discover children have 43 half siblings

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"The next morning we get the call we had been dreading, and the embryologist (his name was Sergio) asked, 'Elena? How are you?' I couldn't believe he was ...

My friend isn't the only one who has raised a strong-willed child.

Ruairí McKiernan

By Jareen Imam, CNN

The mother and son are extremely close. Image: Facebook

The uptake rate of cervical screening among South Asian women in Hong Kong is 20 per