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Not cute This is fcked up way too relatable Well written tho

Not cute This is fcked up way too relatable Well written tho


Scion of the Fox

Slow Motion: A Memoir of a Life Rescued by Tragedy (P.S. Series)

Omg this needs to be a full story Writing Tips, Writing Prompts, Writing Help

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Maybe wrote one with a twist where it's not a future you

Full body shiver


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The Boy Who Killed Grant Parker: A Novel

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Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones

Just a normal Saturday night, what's everyone else up to? a.r.asher #poem #poetry #lovepoem #lovepoems #poems #writing #words #mywords #love #asher ...

The Weirdness

Good food for thought, excuse the unnecessary profanity.

Seriously though, if it werent for copyright, some fanfic writers wouldve gone publishing those books (aka fics) they've written

Report into disastrous Fine Gael election campaign calls for members to be "more relatable"

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That moment you look to your left and realize that not only is the master bathroom not that way anymore, neither is the person you trusted with all your ...

please contact god for detail information


2017-09-26 - The Creeps - 0001 [flickr]


... chibi fanarts most of the time so the moment I saw your prompt, they were the members I instantly thought of. I wish you find these cute enough though.

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My feelings are invisible, Like a granual of salt put into water, Yet so distant, Than what my mind can hold together in one, Constant thoughts, ...

Made for Love

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Shirobako 14: So apparently this episode's inside joke was that Shirobako itself largely ...

had fun at the @monstersoftype meet up last night!! i went in not

For real tho. Gotta have this as a constant reminder. I'm someone


FFS is pisses me off! Oh and of cause an nda.

Anonymous Mon 30 Jul 2018 10:02:26 No.102044824 Report

CHO CHANG ; inhale, exhale, brave the storm that threatens to lift you off of your feet. inhale, exhale, remember that this is a war, and that you will win ...

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure


practicing the syllable sequence ...

Bliss: A Novel

POSTED | ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ AJISAIU: Sorry for not

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I've been studying for like two hours and I learnt that writing is way better than other options. I miss last year's subjects, they were way more fun!

Maybe it's because I spent so much of my life as a fuck-up. I just don't have interest in writing about larger-than-life heroes.

This is literally Ubisoft. What the actual fuck? How do you manage to employ these people?

I feel sick..I legit wanna cry. Anyway,pls tell me if

I'm not sure what crazy people shelved this book as "romance". You is romantic in the same way that Lolita is romantic. In other words: an insane, ...

They looking but not reading

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Every death, every reset, every fuckup was because of me. It was always clear that I needed to do better, and I was more than happy to take on that ...

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“why did this thing that I spent 40 hours on get only 10 notes but this sketch I made in 10 minutes get 34892034 notes”

Alrighty, so I was trying to eat up time, waiting to call Nancy's dad about Toni's deals. However, he's still not done, so let's just arrange all our ...

"'You deserve better. I can't promise you I'll stay. "'

Not unlike Camilla, my girlfriend Tuna's career as an artist draws her to table at comic & entertainment conventions. We've only been to a few so far, ...

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The ethereal color scheme here really makes this episode feel special. The pink sky and general color palette throughout the actual episode contribute to ...

I see devrant has added a feature never saw this before... It's pretty good... Can somebody tell me how it does the check ?

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Hem848484 wrote: Image

My current read and omg it is so amazing! Holly Bourne is my favourite author by far. Even though I've only read two of her books(this and the manifesto on ...

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Cat and Nat's Mom Truths: Embarrassing Stories and Brutally Honest Advice on the Extremely Real Struggle of Motherhood (Inglês)


Sometimes I don't know where it is. Sometimes I do. Sometimes they


Upgrade Soul might just be one of the most bizarre, horrifying, and thought-provoking books I've ever read, graphic novel or otherwise.

... examples of chinese dragons to see how they accomplish the shoulders, though. Or you could look at real-world animals, like lizards. The way the arms ...

I am pretty open (about myself) on social media though, so feel sorry for HR if they've been combing through it! 🤣

25 Non-SIFF Movies Worth Watching in Seattle This Weekend: May 23–27, 2019 - Things to Do - The Stranger

Re: JabbaTheHutDoll4DyingWithoutPostmates Part 77

And finally, please enjoy concept art for Balloon ...

Greek types of love Writing Advice, Writing Help, Writing A Book, Writing Ideas


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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure


Not done w this one but not totally sure how I

/ot/ - Vent Thread #28

⋆eleven o'clock⋆ wow i'm back to this account after over a year and i'm going in a completely different direction!! wow!! i hope everyone enjoys my ...

The plot's pretty compelling, and the artwork, appropriately crude and weird – but in an oddly moving way. There were a few holes, though; for example, ...

"To be or not to be, ay, there's the point" | MetaFilter

Here is their response of me asking (before explaining the bug) if i will be legally prosecuted and if ill be rewarded. this was their response.

Long Distance relationships Awesome #relationships Relationship Paragraphs, Cute Relationship Texts, Cute Relationships,

I've been made to understand over the past year that it's considered extremely gauche to bring your own personality or experience to the table when writing ...