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Parrots kept in captivity can be at risk of becoming obese when

Parrots kept in captivity can be at risk of becoming obese when


How to stop your Parrot from becoming obese


Find lots of tasty food for your Parrot here.

Parrot food - what your parrot can eat, parrot diet and food ideas

You might think you know what a parrot is, but do you? Learn about parrot characteristics, behavior, care needs, and more. These feathered companions have ...

Best parrots to have as pets


Pet Parrot Care

Winter Wellbeing For Pet Birds


Good Food To Share With Your Parrot

Keeping Parrots As Pets

Wild adult turquoise-fronted (or blue-fronted) Amazon parrot, Amazona aestiva

Companion parrot

Have Parrots Become Too Popular for Their Own Good?

White cockatoo

Pet Parrot with Wings Outstretched while Landing

African Grey Parrot Business Card - animal gift ideas animals and pets diy customize

Bucktons Pet have advice on stopping your Parrot from becoming obese. #parrotpet | Parrot Care | Pinterest | Parrot, Pets and Parakeet

Senegal Parrot

Budgies are friendly, lovable pets.

Pair of Quakers in a tree

Suns are known for their vocalizing, which can be loud a times, as well as their playfulness and adventurous nature.

Macaws: Parrots of the New World

Bucktons Pet have advice on stopping your Parrot from becoming obese. #parrotpet | Parrot Care | Pinterest | Parrot, Pets and Parakeet

How to Take Care of a Budgie

Senegal Parrot Information and FAQ

It must be recognized, however, that this risk is equal for both clipped parrots and those with full flight. Although risk of escape is often touted as the ...

Management of Pet Birds

Native Region/Natural Habitat

Birds of a feather flock together - even in cages

It's quite common for budgies to become obese, particularly if they are sedentary and stay at home in their cage most of the time.

Wildbirds Broadcasting

parrot diseases

Parrot Perching On Cage

Sun parakeet

Image titled Take Care of a Quaker Parrot Step 1

San Diego Zoo Macaw


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Nutritional needs of parrots

What You Need To Know About Parrot Feet


grey parrot in peril

Vitamin Supplementation For Parrots

Animals Images, Flocking, Bird Feathers, Love Birds, All Birds,

Birds of a Feather, a story of healing for veterans and parrots

Hormones and Your Parrot: the Triggers and What to Do.

All About Cockatiels


Get the variety pack!

Parrots enjoying their food

Double yellow headed amazon chicks


Part Six: Ensuring the Safety of Your Flighted Parrot

Baby parrots

If you have a bird as an exotic pet, you're already acutely aware of their special needs when it comes to diet and exercise. In that respect, they are no ...

bird on person's hand

The Red Lory is the 2nd most commonly kept lory in captivity, after the Rainbow


... will become obese. Rainbow Lorikeet birds

Meet the Brave Bodyguards Protecting Belize's Scarlet Macaws From Poachers. To keep macaw ...

Hyacinth macaw

Managing Behavior through Environmental Change

Research on Captive Animals Produces Misleading Results | Psychology Today

How to get a Senegal Parrot not to bite?

Very malnourished parrot

All true, no missing keyboard keys but I do have a few bites in my tablet :)

Parrots in Bird Rooms

Pros and Cons of Buying a Parrot

Piccolo, my 1 year old Quaker Parrot. He is a green + gray mutation


Attacks Your Bird's Liver Like Alcohol - Is This What's Making Her Flabby and Sick?



budgie weight

Baking for your pet bird may be a concept that you have never considered. After all, there are no parrots that feed on baked goods in their native habitat.

Tommy krijgt een Pinguin/Tommy gets a Pinguin present

Pediatric Diseases of Pet Birds - Exotic and Laboratory Animals - Merck Veterinary Manual

Egg binding can occur in female birds not exposed to a mate.

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african grey parrot getting toys out of plastic boxes

Hen budgies can cohabit happily too