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Paul Mason on Brexit Shadow cabinet Labour party Politics

Paul Mason on Brexit Shadow cabinet Labour party Politics


Key players within the struggle for influence within Labour.

Corbyn backs referendum on Brexit deal after EU election exodus

A new Brexit extension is the moment for Labour to finally champion Remain

The Labour party's role in or out of the EU

Labour's refusal to oppose Brexit is killing it on the doorstep. It should quit the talks

Corbyn camp blocks conference Brexit vote

Labour Party leadership of Jeremy Corbyn

Paul Mason on Twitter: "As a long-standing @jeremycorbyn supporter I have no hesitation in backing @tom_watson point: Labour is a Remain and Reform party ...

Brexit – to compromise or make hard choices?

Jeremy Corbyn and the shadow cabinet at the Labour Party conference in Liverpool.

As the Tories self-destruct over Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn's new stance has been vindicated

After speaking with Paul Mason, I'm convinced Labour needs to stop pretending it's a party of Marxists versus neoliberals

Making sense of Brexit: Paul Mason on Britain's growing economic & political crisis

To defeat an insurgent far-right, Labour must resist Brexit with all its force

Jeremy Corbyn leaves home after allies back second EU referendum and he 'may be facing

Corbyn stands by aides after criticism of Brexit stance

Paul Mason Should Apologise – Mining Communities Have A Proud Place In The Labour

Labour should leave government talks and campaign in the European elections

Abbott, Thornberry and Kendall to appear at Progress conference

Paul Mason on Twitter: "My summary of tonight's Brexit situation as PNGs ...… "

Owen Smith

For Jeremy Corbyn, the hard part of being Labour leader has only just begun

I am hopeful that Labour will back a Final Say, putting it on the right side of history and potentially saving our country from this mess

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'They are worried': Labour activists FEAR a second Brexit vote, warns Corbynite journalist

Catch-Up Service: 'Wait until we get our hands on the OBR' – Paul Mason

Paul Mason and Jeremy Corbyn

“Wave after wave of smears are unleashed against Jeremy Corbyn – even if you accept, as I do, that he is an imperfect politician and that Labour has ...

Tomorrow the Fabian Society will hold its 2019 New Year conference, Brexit and Beyond, where top Labour frontbenchers will be joined by backbench MPs, MEPs, ...

Backing a Tory Brexit could wipe out Labour, warns Clive Lewis

Jeremy Corbyn's peace offer to hostile Labour MPs 'will only work with a fully elected Shadow Cabinet'

The prominent left journalist Paul Mason has rightly been taken to task for his unprincipled attack on senior members of the Labour leadership after the ...

Unless Labour radically changes on Brexit, it may never win back the voters it has lost

Paul Mason (image by Rwendland – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=74635732)

Paul Mason said on Wednesday: 'We can borrow it. And if we can

Paul Mason GETTY

'Socialism or barbarism' is a false dichotomy that won't help Labour get into government

Jeremy Corbyn closeup.jpg

Labour chair offered to quit shadow cabinet over new Brexit referendum

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn leaves his home on May 27, 2019 in London, England

Shadow Treasury Minister Clive Lewis has slammed an RMT activist for his speech at a Full Brexit rally, which the MP claimed “used the language of the ...

Paul Mason, journalist and broadcaster, addresses supporters of Jeremy Corbyn at a rally in Parliament Square in support of his leadership of the Labour ...

Angela Eagle

Labour Should Ignore Voters Who 'Hate Blacks, Women And Gays', Says Paul Mason

Paul MasonVerified account

Jeremy Corbyn moves closer to second referendum as Labour drops in the polls

The leader of Britain's opposition Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, leaves his home in London

... former Greek finance minister after it emerged he is providing economic advice to the Labour party along with former Channel 4 journalist Paul Mason .

Labour needs to join forces with Brexiteers to vote down Theresa May's deal - and be one step closer to a leftist government - inews.co.uk

Labour voters deserted Jeremy Corbyn's party in favour of the Lib Dems and the SNP

Labour leader Jerermy Corbyn

Theresa May ignores Cabinet support for no-deal Brexit as she turns to Jeremy Corbyn for help

Rachel Wearmouth

32 quotes that transformed British politics in 2016

Paul Mason, journalist and broadcaster, addresses supporters of Jeremy Corbyn at a rally in Parliament Square in support of his leadership of the Labour ...

Margaret Beckett

Nigel Farage celebrates victory with Ann Widdecombe as they spark panic over Brexit in the Tory

Labour Keir Starmer Brexit: the shadow Brexit secretary is the party's secret weapon | British GQ

Jeremy Corbyn 'sacks election coordinator' as he reshuffles shadow cabinet after wave of Labour frontbench resignations

Enjoyed our Q&A session afterwards on #agriculture and #Brexit .pic.twitter.com/9fOU1sPGsZ

George Osborne mocks Yanis Varoufakis and Paul Mason Labour appointments

Labour Should Ignore Voters Who 'Hate Blacks, Women And Gays', Says Paul

Another Europe is Possible/Jess Hurd

War of the roses: meet the feuding factions attending the Labour Party conference

John McDonnell called for cross-party talks on blocking a No Deal Brexit

... for the definite purge which is going on within Labour, it is clear that the purge has backfired on a number of levels. As Paul Mason identified, ...

JK Rowling SKEWERS Corbynite Paul Mason over 1980s tweet

Paul Mason, Fleet Street's Rebel With A Cause, On BBC Anti-Corbyn Bias, Brexit And The Media. '

Labour should stand down in seats to help the Greens – Lewis, Siddiq and Cruddas

Corbyn stands by aides after criticism of Brexit stance | Financial Times

Image result for corbyn labour leaflet

Mr Farage celebrates with his Brexit Party MEPs

Remain parties must ditch tribalism and work to stop a no-deal Brexit

Labour: The Way Ahead

Thousands of Labour Party Members Rallied to 'Keep Corbyn In'

Labour signs up Varoufakis and Paul Mason to New Economics roadshow

Brexit: Labour admits unity 'fraying around the edges' following party split over no-deal plan | The Independent

John McDonnell said: 'Our best way is going back to the people' amid

We'll be asking Shadow Trade Secretary Barry Gardiner for his take on Brexit and what a future Labour government would look like 22:30 @BBCTwo ...


John McDonnell on People's Vote, the Chequers deal and anti-Semitism in Labour Party

John McDonnell and Paul Mason

Shadow Cabinet this time last year. Some resigned as part of a plot to oust Corbyn others just run away but how many will be in shadow cabinet 2016?

Labour shadow ministers resigned 'because they feared Jeremy Corbyn would win general election' - Mirror Online

Chuka Umunna: It's Labour MPs Not Rallies That Will Make A Difference Post- Brexit

Tory Brexit divisions are Corbyn's opportunity

Thread by @paulmasonnews: "Brexit: the state of play (Sunday am version). 1/ May will ask for an A50 extension to 30/6/19 but EUCO probably offers 9-21 ...

Liz Kendall: 'If Jeremy Corbyn gets back in we will be a rump of a party'

Labour should ally with the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party, even if it had a commons majority, to come up with a workable form of Brexit.

Jubilant Nigel Farage celebrates with MEPs after he gave the Tories and Labour an EU election

Jeremy Corbyn (pictured leaving his London home today) finally agreed to Brexit talks with

David Martin is the first major politician in the party to call for the Labour leader

Politics. Brexit Party Fails To Get MP Elected As Labour Wins Peterborough

Conservatives Own the Ongoing Disaster That Is Brexit