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Petition SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment Animals are not objects

Petition SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment Animals are not objects


File new law to end SeaWorld's cruelty to sea creatures!

Petition · SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment: Reverse the orca breeding ban & give the Humane Society of the United States the boot! · Change.org

Close Down ALL SeaWorld Parks

This petition had 1,584 supporters

A 9-year-old orca named Kalia swims at the SeaWorld San Diego park. (AP Photo/SeaWorld San Diego)

California bill to end killer whale shows at SeaWorld 'on hold'

Marine park attractions: can they survive?

#petition Kid Rock: Do not support SeaWorld's animal cruelty

Petition · Rehabilitate marine animals and set them free instead keeping them in tanks · Change.org

Another Orca Has Died at SeaWorld Orlando

Animals are not Entertainers

Petition · SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment: Animals are not objects: Ban animal captivity for entertainment and profit. … | Abused and in need of help ...

Anti SeaWorld petition gathers momentum

Are SeaWorld's whales better off staying in their glass-and-concrete enclosures?

Article Featured Image

Petition · SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment: Set the Orcas Free from Captivity! · Change

By Corrine Henn

3 Simple Things Kids Need to Thrive This Summer. SeaWorld San Diego

This Petition was closed, but not before over 11,000 people signed it.

Sad Orca

Petition · SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment: Animals are not objects: Ban animal captivity for

Online Petition Against SeaWorld Plan for Dubai | Entertainment Features, Local News | Ahlanlive

SeaWorld Orca Dorsal Fin

SeaWorld and a former executive said they would pay $5 million to settle claims that they misled investors by playing down the negative impact of the ...

Against Seaworld? Here Are 7 More Things You Shouldn't Support

thesarcasticwhale: “ king-lobo: “ annoying-anticap-procap-things:

Yesterday we, talked about the rumor from ThemedReality about the pending buyout of SeaWorld by Six Flags. Today we have a little bit more information about ...

A small maggot-covered dog was tied in a trash bag and discarded in a


#seaworldkills hashtag on Twitter

Demand London Drugs Not To Support SeaWorld!

6 Things SeaWorld Can Do Instead of Holding Sea Animals in Captivity

The truth about Sea World: Gold Coast theme park reveals all and answers critics | Gold Coast Bulletin

Breaking News: SeaWorld to End All Orca Breeding


Aquaria and Marine Parks | Animals Are Not Ours to Use for Entertainment | PETA UK

It seriously infuriates me how people can actually rationalize that keeping these animals in a pool is humane. Seaworld can lie all they want, it not a ...

Injured Tangalooma dolphin "Nari" spent months at Sea World recovering after a horrendous shark bite. She was eventually released.

Henry the polar bear hams it up at Sea World on the Gold Coast. Pics Tim Marsden

By Jenna Bardroff


Orca leaping

After Blackfish: 5 Things That Have Changed At Sea World (& 5 That Are Still The Same)

Over 200,000 people have signed a petition protesting, claiming Lagoon's animals are not given proper shelters or care. (Amy Meyer)

A Timeline of SeaWorld's Demise: A Victory for Animal Rights Activism

Large image on homepages

As “Blackfish” Soars, Will SeaWorld Sink?

The all new SeaWorld Orlando map for January ...

Famous killer whale ill at SeaWorld

Petition · Animal welfare and rights in China: Stop dog meat trade! · Change


PHOTO: Rimmy, a bottlenose dolphin rescued from the Gulf of Mexico, received the

People watch through glass as a killer whale swims by in a display tank at SeaWorld

Nothing Sea World does is for the benefit of the animals they keep. They have had no new scientific knowledge released on any animals in their parks for ...

Orangutan inside Argentina zoo granted 'non-human person rights' in landmark ruling

After SeaWorld, here are six animal scandals we need to fix

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Petition · Josh Wilson: Stop Inhumane Live Animal Exports from Australia · Change.org

... the release of the documentary Blackfish—whose "star," Tilikum, recently died after 33 years in a concrete tank—but orcas at SeaWorld are still swimming ...


Sea World trainer Michelle Shoemaker hugs Kayla as she works on a routine before a show in 2014 in Orlando, Fla. SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Inc. has ...

Don't let Tilikum's Death be in Vain - empty the tanks, SeaWorld



Help Animals Imprisoned by SeaWorld

SeaWorld Tries to Convince Us They Care for Killer Whales – Are We Buying it?

San Diego, We Have a Problem

Petition · Animal defenders International : Ban circuses using wild animals in all states · Change

SeaWorld Unleashes 8 Assertions About 'Blackfish' and Filmmakers Respond

Black-and-white picture of an orca (killer whale) with the title

Save up to 60% on multi-park admission tickets to enjoy Summer Nights during

A killer whale show at SeaWorld, Orlando. The film Blackfish, which sheds light

Labeled with an ear tag. Jabbed with electric prods. Impregnated. Chained. Their babies stolen. Led to slaughter. These are moments from The Handmaid's Tale ...

SeaWorld Rescue & a young Pigmy Sperm Whale

Save up to 60% on multi-park admission tickets to take on Tigris during

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Does SeaWorld Really Care About Killer Whales?


"They would not be better off in sea pens than where they are now," said Chris Dold, the lead veterinarian for SeaWorld Entertainment.

The Walt Disney Company has a very specific list of leave at home items that are not allowed access. According to their frequently asked question page, ...


Successful_Breeding_Programs. SeaWorld ...

Author: Animal Legal Defense Fund

The plight of killer whales at resorts such as Seaworld has been the focus of many

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