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Philippines Plan of Action for Senior Citizens 20112016 HelpAge

Philippines Plan of Action for Senior Citizens 20112016 HelpAge


Old age income security in the Philippines: Work, family and social protection

HelpAge International's World Health Assembly side event on ageism

Our Voices, Our Rights – what older people say about the normative elements of their right to autonomy and independence

Home care for older people: The experience of ASEAN countries

Global AgeWatch Insights 2018

Universal social pension: feasibility in the Philippines

The 10th session of the Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWG)

Rural-urban gaps in health care utilisation among older Thais: The role of family support

It sets policy direction in three major areas: (a) ageing and development;

ensure that they lead productive and meaningful lives. 6 F O R E W O R D The 1st Philippine Plan of Action for Older ...

Typhoon Haiyan one year on: older people key to recovery

HelpAge-COSE Philippines Emergency Programme

Nutrition Housing, Transportation and the Built Environment Income Security, Maintenance and Employment Social Services

Guidelines on Home Care Support Services

Ageing in September 2002 in Shanghai, China.

Philippine Country Report: Community Services for the Elderly in the Philippines

In response, the Philippine Plan of Action for Older Persons (PPAOP) 1999-

Disabilities which was developed in 2003.

with the local government units (LGUs) to respond to older persons socialization and interaction

Older citizen monitoring is carried out through organisations such as South Africa's Muthande Society for the

Article XV, Section IV (The Family) States that It is the duty of

Ageism, discrimination and denial of rights in older age continue to be tolerated across the world.

The right to health for older people, the right to be counted

Older women at an intergenerational self-help club in Vietnam (c) Brayden Howie

Group builds houses for homeless elderly

A study shows that providing social pension for all senior citizens would

Older citizen monitoring

85 years in the 2000 CPH, same as that of 1990 and 1995. This

Everyone aged 70 and over Zanzibar have been receiving a pension since April 2016 (c

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Dum Ream makes a living selling rice noodles in Cambodia (c) Mayur Paul/

How did you get involved in campaigning for older people's rights?

National Coordinating and Monitoring Board of RA 9257, Res. No. 14, Series


The Philippines social pension at four years – A summary

Silvia Stefanoni during the response to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

Daw Mu Nge cares for four grandchildren (c) Hereward Holland/Age International

Elder abuse in India 2018

Juan Pablo Zorro/HelpAge International

Citizens 2006-2010

Poon receives home care support

Older men and women in Uganda risk being pushed further into poverty (c) Phil

Taking care of our senior citizens

Cambodia National Policy on Ageing 2017-2030

Shanghai Implementation Strategy 5. Other International Mandates B. Enabling Philippine Laws on Senior Citizens

Atta used credit to transform his livelihood in Pakistan (c) Shahzado Khaskheli/HelpAge

Now that Shigute can see, he can work again (c) Anteneh Teshome/

An older woman collects her pension from a pay agent in Myingyan, Myanmar

HelpAge-COSE Philippines Emergency Programme

Campaigner Yezeshewal Eshete in Ethiopia

Demographics of Population Ageing in Cambodia, 2012

An older man collects a cash transfer in Tanzania (c) Kate Holt/Age

One year after Haiyan: learning new skills in carpentry

19,681 34,739 70-74 52,704 17,376 35,328 75-79 40,304 12,355 27,949 80 and

Freedom to decide for ourselves (c) Konrad Stoehr/HelpAge Deutschland

A disaster preparedness training for the elderly in the Philippines. The elderly are among the most vulnerable groups during disasters.

Typhoon leaves elderly more vulnerable

Age and Disability Capacity Programme in Humanitarian Crises

Alejandro, 71, has to keep working to afford food - a pension would make

Coalition of Services of the Elderly, Inc.

of Population & Housing Seven in ten households were headed by male senior citizens. Of

Myanmar's elderly population live with no public support and increasingly less private family help as well

Vera Geykina, Kyrgyzstan (c) Malik Alymkulov/HelpAge International

How did you get involved in campaigning for older people's rights in this particular humanitarian context?

Community-based care in Lao PDR

Percentage receiving care by types and counts of physical difficulties, older persons aged 60 and

Credit: COSE Pinukpuk, Kalinga (24 September 2018) - Coalition of Services to the Eldery, a national NGO, and HelpAge provided emergency cash assistance to ...

Uganda Reach the Aged Association staff member speaks to blind South Sudanese refugee Atoo in a. "

Older people take part in a monthly meeting at an intergenerational self-help club in

Health Rights of Older People

First Alzheimer's Day Care Centre in Lebanon


Older people's association (OPAs)

ICSW SEAP joins the 12th ASEAN GO-NGO Forum on Social Welfare and Development

dyslipidemia; h) spondylolysthesis (27); i) neuropathies (20);

In our own words: What older people say about discrimination and human rights in older age

I live with my twin brother, who is chairperson of our older people's association. His family supports us for most of our basic needs.

Mobile medical units

Older people joined up with young people on International Day of Older Persons to promote intergenerational

(PDF) PHILIPPINE COUNTRY REPORT 12 th ASEAN and Japan High Level Officials' Meeting (HLOM) on Caring Societies | dane bio - Academia.edu

The Philippine Social Pension at Four Years: Insights and Recommendations

"Older people need to push governments to end discrimination"

Older women receive food packages in the Philippines.

Ageing and Life Course

Runner, Haile Gebrselassie meeting Mr Tilahun and Ms Yeshiembet at the FFD mobilisation HelpAge

One year after Haiyan: a positive spirit triumphs over adversity

To compile relevant publications and disseminate information relating to older persons. • To initiate and implement intergenerational programmes.

Amin struggles to afford healthcare in Lebanon (c) HelpAge International

Senior Citizen Act has been passed by the provincial parliaments of KP and Sindh in 2014 and 2016 respectively.

MIPAA makes recommendations to improve older people's lives.

One year after Haiyan: starting anew, with shelter and a garden

How It's Possible To Get Pregnant At 50

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Proceedings of the Asia-Europe Peoples’ Forum Social Jus;ce Cluster 13-15 February 2018 Balay Kalinaw, University of the Philippines, ...

ADCAP - who are we leaving behind?