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Princess Agents Princess Agents t

Princess Agents Princess Agents t


Princess Agents

... doesn't even have a second installment ready to be aired. I think only TV adaptations of Gu Man's novels successfully capture the original storytelling.

Cast Members

Princess Agents Episode 2

Princess Agents Shawn Dou

Princess Agents Zhao Liying


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Princess Agents Princess Agents

The highly anticipated C-drama Princess Agents premiered yesterday with a bang! With the onslaught of disappointing C-drama's I was prepared to once again ...

Princess Agents: Episodes 17 – 20 Recap “Misunderstandings.”

If you haven't watched Princess Agents or haven't seen the ending I would recommend you skip this blog because there will be spoilers.

Cast - Princess Agents

The first stills are out and I don't see her character as either a princess or agent but she's drop dead gorgeous even all dirtied up.

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Princess Agents Episode 2 Recap


When the series ended last year, Lin Gengxin wrote a farewell message saying that he doesn't know whether to say see you again or goodbye forever.

Can't believe she is doing her own stunt. Be careful gorgeous!!

Princess Agents Discussion Post Week 2: Episodes 9 – 16

Princess Agents Episode 4

10:13 AM - 12 Jun 2017

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Princess Agents. Yuwen Huai doesn't believe Yuwen Zhuo was dead as he doesn' t see his death body, he leads his henchman to check the coffin.

Kisses Count: 3…during their last passionate kiss, YX nearly couldn't control himself and almost went all the way, until he remembered that he wasn't ready ...

Lin Gengxin Xing Zhaolin Princess Agents

Today was the press conference for Princess Agents and they also released the theme song. In case you didn't know that my hype is real for this drama, ...

lovely couples from princess agents.

Princess Agents Lin Gengxin

Of course Xiao Liu doesn't want to leave, but is coaxed by her sisters. Xiao Liu understands that her presence can cause harm to her family.

Let's just look at Yan Xun first, he was such a sunny boy when his

Princess Agents

Princess Agent Chapter 1.1 - FREE Manga Read Online

Princess Agents Episode 5

[Engsub] 學不會 Xué bùhuì (Can't Learn)-Princess Agents OST

Princess Agent


If you haven't already checked out these three top C-drama hits then maybe it's a good recommendation for a summer marathon as these were the dramas that ...

More below the cut.

My Drama Tea

Princess Agents EP21 2017

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Princess Agents Princess Agents Drama Panda

Princess Agents drops new Behind-the-Scenes and Posters

Jin Xiaoliu is in the tears and says that she won't bear it since seeing her sister is thrown like a radishes. Princess Agents

Zhao Li Ying 赵丽颖HQ on Twitter: "Princess Agents weibo update - "Did Chu Qiao laugh today? Extremely happily." #PrincessAgents #赵丽颖#趙麗穎#zhaoliying ...

C-drama Princess Agents Drops Spectacular Trailer

Princess Agents

Sadly they didn't release any more previews for this version of the magazine. But it is rumored to be from her Xtep photoshoot.

Princess Agents sorozat. Az Északi és Déli Dinasztiák korszakában, a nyugati Wei a polgárok tömegeit ejtette foglyul. A rabszolgalányt, Chu Qiao- t (Zhao Li ...

“You Can't Take Real Action With My Little Wild Cat” - Princess Agents English Subs


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The first stills are out and I don't see her character as either a princess or agent but she's drop dead gorgeous even all dirtied up.

Princess Agent Chapter 2.4: Meeting (3) page 1 - Mangakakalot.com ...

... Princess Agents 2017 Princess Agents, Zhao Li Ying, Traditional Clothes, Kdrama, Idol ...

PRINCESS AGENTS Graphic T-Shirt Dress

I've been following this drama while it was filming last year but didn't post about it. Now that I'm a little bit more assured, I think I could post about ...

Princess Agents Episode 1

Princess Agents Doramas T Princess

... China like Love O2O, Rush to the Dead Summer and many more but today, I'll be talking about this latest series called 特工皇妃楚乔传 - Princess Agents.

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Pin by Paweena Keidan on Lin geng xin | Princess agents, Ice blocks, Princess

... Tương tư Tinh Nhi ~ 😳 Princess Agents, Beautiful Men, Bao ...

... Zhaoliying princess agent Princess Agents, Ice Blocks, Zhao Li Ying, Princess ...

I don't know whether there will be a season two and chances of the cast getting back together are probably slim to none, but it's always better to stay ...

... for the first time in her life didn't want to argue with him and ran into his arms to be embraced in his chest…as he hugged her she said “Crazy guy!!”

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Princess Agents

... Princess Agents, Zhao Li Ying, Chinese, Idol, My Girl, Traditional Clothes ...

Princess Agent Chapter 1.1 - MangaWeek.Com

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Princess Agent Chapter 3.2 - FREE Manga Read Online

Can't believe she is doing her own stunt. Be careful gorgeous!!

Drama synopsis:

Eternal Love

... Princess Agent Chapter 3.2 page 2 - Mangakakalot.com ...

... is the first drama in history to break the 30billion online views record while still being on air! Congratulations 🔥 #楚乔传… https://t .co/ZMA5d7pcJ5"

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【楚乔传: Princess Agents】 I feel like The Legend of Fu Yao


Princess Agents

Princess Agents is one of my most highly anticipated C-drama for 2017. I'm a huge fan of Zhao Li Ying (Boss and Me) and I think she looks wonderful as the ...

"It's amazing to see so many foreigners love the series," says Cai Danxiang, an overseas business department director of China International TV Corp.

Zhao Li Ying, Princess Agents, Star Painting, Thai Drama, Moon Lovers, Hanfu, Anime Scenery, Korean Drama, Chinese Art

... Princess Agents 2017 Princess Agents, Zhao Li Ying, Bao, Dramas, Drama ...

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Love Actually | Aug 15th, 2017

[01/68] Легенда о Чу Цяо / Legend of Chu Qiao / Princess Agents / 特工皇妃楚乔传

楚乔传 Princess Agents 01 Eng sub【未删减版】 赵丽颖 林


Princess Agent 1.5

... Princess Agents, Drama, Dramas ...

Princess Agent Chapter 1.3 page 2

... Chapter 3.6: Princess Agent Chapter 3.6