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Quick visual on why NOT to shave your double coated dog teaching

Quick visual on why NOT to shave your double coated dog teaching


-Repinned- Things not to say to a dog groomer. LOL

To Shave or Not Shave? Do not shave your double coated dog!

Grooming Double Coated Dogs

How to Groom a Dog

matted dog 2

2. Clip the dog's fur after it's completely ...

How many times a week do you deal with a matted dog? If you are like many of us, it's more than once. For some, it might even be a daily occurrence.

Single-Coated Breeds


The Complete Guide on the German Shepherd Husky Mix

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There are several breeds that do not shed. Dogs like Poodles, Soft Coated Wheaton Terriers or Shih Tzus do not shed their coats naturally.

Grooming a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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To reveal my canine passions is essential so you can be assured I have the background to share future blogs with you. I am a member of the Manitoba Animal ...

Girl giving Lab a bath in tub

The Shetland Sheepdog

He was originally used as a working dog to pull nets for fishermen and haul wood from the forest.

7 Speedy Grooming Tips for a Happier Pet

Newfoundland Dogs And Puppies

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You won't pay a penny more, but you'll help keep It's Dog or Nothing running (websites are expensive!) and the floofs fed (they're even more expensive - as ...

The image to the left shows what a properly maintained undercoat can do to protect your dog. If you quickly brush your double-coated dog a few times a week, ...

Border Collie Dog Breed Picture

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Have you thought about adding a Great Pyrenees to your family? Here's a basic guide

The Border Collie dog breed was developed to gather and control sheep in the hilly border country between Scotland and England. He is known for his intense ...

Sad dog

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Black Russian Terrier

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Adult German Shepherd Standing


A Welsh Corgi Laying On The Floor


Great care must be taken that you don't trim too much. You can cut the blood vessel in the middle of the nail called the “quick.”

chocolate labradoodle puppy

After all the B&Bs are bathed, start bathing your trim dogs. Start with the pet that has the heaviest and straightest coat – something that can sit for a ...

Double Merle Dogs: A Lethal Genetic Combo That's Totally Preventable!

Rottweiler Dog Breed

Vizsla Dog Breed Picture

The Best Dog and Cat Cones

Australian Cattle Dog

Old English Sheepdog Dog Breed Picture

Signs of a bad breeder

Grooming Grooming a Lhasa Apso Dog

Labrador Retriever

Gorilla Grip Original Pet Travel Carrier Bag for Dogs or Cats, Free Bowl, Durable

Golden Retriever

The Old English Sheepdog is a large, athletic dog breed with an unmistakable shaggy coat. The Old English Sheepdog was historically a drover, ...

Australian Cattle Dog

Pet Training - Stop dog barking at the doorbell. I was just thinking about how badly we need to do this! This article help us to teach our dogs to bite just ...

Keeping Your Dog Safe During The Summer

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Brussels Griffon

Review: Isle of Dogs

Irish Setter Dogs And Puppies

Causes ...

Australian Cattle Dog

Seniors often do not require double stacking.

Standard Poodle

How to fit an Electronic Dog Collar


Scientists in Japan have solved a long-standing veterinary mystery: how dogs can stand and walk for so long on snow and ice without apparent discomfort, ...

It reigns as one of the oldest dog breeds whose original looks have not been significantly altered.

Eating too fast is dangerous to your dogs, they can vomit or develop bloat, therefore, making them eating slower is a must. You can do this when using one ...

restraining the dog from the opposite side of the table

Cat outdoors wearing id and walking on a leash

We answer your questions, award our Giant Pretzels of the week, and give our self-care recommendations for staying healthy and decidedly more Bunch-like.

Australian Cattle Dog

Pomeranians are a small but mighty service dog breed. Photography by Kayla Bertagnolli, as captured at the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

particolor labradoodle

homogenous gray to pink oval on the top of the cut nail surface

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Opinion | Dog meat off the menu in Vietnam's capital Hanoi, as tradition clashes with contemporary tastes | South China Morning Post

F1B Miniature Golden Doodle


K_9 PLAY TIME: Senior Sutton Ballard and Luca, an AISD drug dog, play a quick game of fetch in the main hallway. Luca, AISD's sole drug dog, ...

Italian Greyhound Dog Breed Picture

king shepherd portrait

Many people are surprised to hear me (and my staff) say that we do not allow rawhide chews, pig's ears, bully sticks, and other "animal parts" in our ...

Introduction in a cage at a clinic using baby gates.

On new OLED screens, this white dog, Eloise, uses more battery power than a Black Lab or Scottish Terrier.

Handling for pups – it's important to teach your pup to be good with handling, they're not born liking it

Is A Labradoodle Right For My Family?

Australian Cattle Dog

Goldador Dog Breed Picture

Photo of Pride & Groom / Aqua Doggie - San Anselmo, CA, United States

Grooming How Much Do English Springer Spaniels Shed?

The scissors-type is used to trim a toenail that is so long that it is curling in a circle. Long claws can grow into the toe-pad. This most often happens to ...


Unfortunately, the window for socializing closes at about 12 weeks. You can still help an older dog get used to new things, but they may never be completely ...