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Reddit says some subreddits are misappropriate Their

Reddit says some subreddits are misappropriate Their


Guy claims his dad gifted him a $2000 cpu which was “lying around at his work,” gets called out for misappropriation and deletes post.

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My friend is half Indian and shared a photo her henna designs ...

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Meme found dead on arrival ...

RadlibCheck ...



Misappropriation Of America.


If the case for abortion rights is so strong, why is it always cloaked in

“Progress” : The_Donald | politics | America, Politics

Bout allllll those weapons bout by Feds.....ummmmm who keeps track

This 👇🏻 : The_Donald

Opinion polls for the European election in France ...

“Progress” : The_Donald

A screenshot of a Reddit conversation

The Russians didn't hack the DNC

Bout allllll those weapons bout by Feds.....ummmmm who keeps track? Because I find it hard to believe these kids were able to purchase weapon…

reddit jennifer scharf perfect optics.jpg

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An image from one of Reddit's grosser forums, “The Philosophy of Rape.” ( Reddit)

Last however not least, don't ever connect with unsecure or unknown networks. This includes the Wi-Fi at your friendly cyber restaurant or cafe. typically, ...

Moderator of "Serial" subreddit: "It's terrifying to think how much time I've spent researching this"

A screenshot of a Reddit discussion

The Superbowl subreddit isn't devoted to fans of the Super Bowl, like you

Pepe on the Subreddit. Image: Matthew Gault screengrab

Ahhhhh yes the morals of a woman who did nothing when finding out her husband was

This week, the world celebrated Valentine's Day – and while couples around the world expressed their undying love to each other, those working in infosec ...


Microsoft handing out shibe doge meme fliers at their Windows 10 Conference

“How do I find a good real estate agent?”

There's a hotboy Reddit that can put anyone's face onto a porn star using AI


Andddd you call yourself a catholic.

“The world needs the Truepic technology to help right the wrongs that have been created by the abuse of digital imagery.”

Reddit may be a major supply of data regarding deep internet topics. Subreddit forums supply deep internet users the chance to freely specific themselves on ...

Keynote speaker at Harvard diversity conference says Christians should be 'locked up' | The College Fix | In The News,Politics,SOCIETY | Keynote, ...

The Great Meme War II: Amid Lawsuit Threats, the Alt-Right Says Pepe Belongs to Them

A screenshot of a Reddit conversation

Face-Swapping Porn: How Scary Internet Trend Could Threaten Democracy. "

A “starter pack” meme showing the common horrors of self-checkout, a 40-year-old technology that's still terrible. Reddit

Seriously, guys, just stop.

Davide Sands (@DavideSands)

Sargon of Akkad Being Investigated By POLICE Over Jokes, UK Has Gone MAD - YouTube

My @reddit_AMA is starting on @reddit at 2:30pm ET! Get over to iama.reddit.com to ask your questions!

... Jan 2019 due to suspicion of misappropriation of funds, bribery, competitive infringement, & theft of trade secrets & intellectual property #TRON Reddit ...

A scholar of the Classics takes a look at how the far right uses, and abuses, ancient texts in its propaganda.

Photo by metamorworks via Getty Images

I think MRAs have found their next ” ...

Techmeme: An ad fraud scheme that runs video ads behind banner images targeted popular Android apps, including many using Twitter's MoPub ad platform (Craig ...

The awesome artwork used to head this image is called DEF CON and it was created by David Spears.

'Roses are red, violets are blue, brand new friends may be socially engineering you' | The Daily Swig

Political Cover Letter Free Career Portfolio Cover Letter | Free Resume Samples & Examples

Pepe the Frog will no longer be a go-to symbol for the white supremacist far right, if creator Matt Furie has his way. Motherboard reports that Furie's ...

Are people really sending us messages through terrible Mel Gibson movies? Find out in today's Reddit Digest.

Download the full report (PDF) Download the Executive Summary (PDF)

Cryptocurrency Communities – Which Have Remained the Most Active (Part 3 of 5)

11 What are the red flags for fraudsters?

The fate of civilization, Steven Pinker thinks, hangs upon our commitment to enlightenment values. Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, ...

8 Financial statement fraud is much more expensive ...

Approximately 52 percent of the $400M spent on Fire Emblem Heroes is from Google Play, with the remaining 48 percent brought in by the App Store.

Remove/Ban the Illnessfakers reddit forum

GOG makes another offensive tweet, offers non-apology | Rock Paper Shotgun

10 For the big dollars, look to the top ...

Just as many people enjoy a nice cold Goose Island pale ale but hate the beer megacorp AB InBev which owns it, so too is the rage palpable against ...

A small Los Angeles-based company, Bee Technologies, recently made a stir on Reddit by asking potential unpaid interns to complete a fairly complex software ...

KYM Reddit

Walmart will test out giant self-checkout stations that could eliminate cashiers completely. Spencer Tirey/Walmart

DeepFakes and False Lights: what does the law say?

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Wireframe of the group's “The Data-ing Game”

How to handle a troll … and neuter a sea lion

We rearranged all the common reasons together to figure out the features most of them had in common. Below is what we found to be the 5 secrets to designing ...

Techmeme: Sources: Intercontinental Exchange subsidiary Bakkt is being valued at around $740M following its $182.5M Series A (Isabel Woodford/The Block)

29 sneaky but remarkably useful travel tips, according to Reddit

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GOP and Democratic Party on using memes on Twitter

E-GSISMO's insecurity with REDDIT COMMENTS, photo taken of website by Dr. Atty

FULL Kurzgesagt & Coffee Break Emails

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Today in #TERF rhetoric: TERF engages in a truly breathtaking twisting of etymology in order to justify her ludicrously weak argument against the term "cis.