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Rods Currently in Stock Brandin SplitCane Rods Irhamys Bamboo

Rods Currently in Stock Brandin SplitCane Rods Irhamys Bamboo


One of the more interesting and challenging rod design projects I have been involved in had its genesis in a request from my friend, expert angler and ...

Rods Currently in Stock - Brandin Split-Cane Rods

I design rods with primarily two qualities in mind, smoothness and power. As an individual maker, I can design and build each rod exactly as I feel it ...

Paul H. Young Collection Fishing Rods, Fly Fishing, Bamboo Fly Rod, Rod

I understand from the current owner that this rod was the 126th rod built by Charlie and it was finished in 1976.

-Two piece solid rods: $5,160 -Three piece solid rods: $5,560 -Two piece hollow-built rods: $5,560 -Three piece hollow-built rods: $5,950

Bamboo Fly Rod, Fly Rods, Taxidermy, Fly Fishing, Bamboo Canes, Fishing

1267-3 df HBThis rod is 12'6" long in three pieces to carry a 6/7/8 Windcutter. I feel it works best with a dry line, but can also do limited duty with sink ...

Bamboo Fly Rod, Fly Rods, Fish Art, Fishing, Fishing Poles, Grey

Prepping the next batch of tropical bamboo for Thai mahseer trip. The boos are of B. vulgaris and dendrocalamus genus, Malaysia. Irhamy Ahmad

A cutaway view of the unique hollow-building process used by Per Brandin in constructing

Carlson, Sam - "Thomas Carlson" Quad Bamboo Rod - 8' 3/2 5wt

Anthony Miller "Maker" bamboo fly rods #Bambooflyrod #Flyrod #Flyfishing. Irhamy Ahmad


XanderFlyrods. Brian · Fiberglass Fly Rod

The author sent the rod to Don Schroeder, a master rod builder who restored the old Folsom to its former glory (above) and a near match to its original ...

Hollokona "Hollolight" Bamboo Rod 8'6 5-6wt ...

Per Brandin of Shelburne Falls crafts split-cane bamboo rods for fly fishing. Brandin

Riverwatch (Bob Clay) Bamboo Spey Rod 11 1/2' 7wt

Thomas & Thomas "25th Anniversary" Limited Edition Bamboo Rod - Vintage Fly Tackle


3) Bellinger: 7'3", 2/2, 4 weight, excellent, original. This Washington made rod is a semi-parabolic model. It is extremely well made in all respects.

Per Brandin of Shelburne Falls crafts split-cane bamboo rods for fly fishing. Brandin

Looking for a Switch or Spey rod setup combo

Bamboo Fishing Rods

... Brandin Split-Cane Rods. howtobuildarodlogos. Like & Share

Bamboo Fly Rod, Fishing Rods, Fly Rods, Bamboo Canes, Fishing Poles,

Dean River Steelhead hooked and landed with Brandin 897-2 HB S/Sdf rod with micro ferrule. The Fish took a Bomber dry fly and the reel is a single action ' ...

Split Cane or Bamboo Fishing Rod Repairs

Packaged in the original brown satin bag and aluminum tube. Straight and full in excellent condition. Was a personal rod of Marty Keene for a while.


“His rods, although not technically as perfect as Garrison's, command heady prices for their casting ability and rarity.”

Fly Fishing Rod

... Gluing together bamboo fishing rod segments

Paul Young Midge Bamboo Canes, Bamboo Fly Rod, Trout Fishing, Fly Fishing,

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Image. "

Orvis Battenkill 8'6 3/2 6wt Bamboo Rod - Vintage Fly Tackle ...

38-43 Cane on the Coast – 'Bamboo Rods Shaped the Destiny of Saltwater Fly Tackle' (Ed Mitchell) – about early saltwater fly rods. *

Jim Green at the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club in the late 1990's casting one of his solid graphite rods.

HÖRGÅRD ,split cane bamboo fly fishing rod

It was the same creek so I did a redo with a different fly.

I went in the afternoon for three hours Sunrise fishing pond. I used today 6'9" fourth line bamboo rod that I obtained at Yahoo Auction.

... Hardy "The Murdoch" Bamboo Rod -- 'For Salmon, Mahseer, Pike ...

Jim Reams Rod appeared. Look at the one you are looking for.

Scott SC Bamboo Fly Rod Review - In Stock, Ready to Fish - Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters

American Museum of Fly Fishing. History Museum. Leiderman Rods

Trout Rods - Brandin Split-Cane Rods with a cigar grip and a standard cap

Bamboo Fly Rod, Casting Rod, Fly Rods, Fishing, Bamboo Canes, Fishing

fly fishing show_1

Riccardi Palakona Bamboo Rod 7' 6wt - Vintage Fly Tackle

Antique Leonard Bamboo Salmon Fly Rod | Classic Flyfishing Tackle

J.D. Wagner Nodeless Hand Splicing Block

Per Brandin lathe work on cork grip

R.K. Bolt 8' 2p 2t 5wt bamboo rod

p \ The Beautiful Action and Backbone of awinchester Bamboo Rod are due not simply to

FPS Customs Fly Rod Wraps

Garrison, Everett -- Model 212 Presentation Bamboo Rod - Vintage Fly Tackle

Three very different Gary Marshall rods.

Special Thomas & Thomas Bamboo Rod exited. Look at the one you are looking for.

Alumni Stories

I totally agree with Tyler's statement. Bob's rods are pieces of fine art and yet, when test on the river, it is a amazing casting machine.


Bamboo fly rod and silk fly line

Tudor at work on our streams

Continental Bamboo Rod 7' 7 1/2" 2/1 5wt - Vintage Fly Tackle

Fishing Rod Decals & Stickers

5 Days fly fishing on Tasmania's Central Plateau

Custom Logo T-Shirts, Ball Caps, Hats & Much More…

Irhamy's Bamboo Rod Making · Image result for birch bark for fly rod grip Custom Fishing Rods, Fishing Rods And

Paradise: the in-flight magazine of Air Niugini, May/June 2018

51w 1. More Details · Grizzly Bamboo Fly Rods Pinterest Account

Joining and fixation of bamboo poles


Fly Fusion Magazine

New batch, bambusa vulgaris. Irhamy Ahmad · Irhamy's Bamboo Rod Making

Chris Clemes Split Cane Fly Rod


Rod Canion

CF Burkheimer Trout - contrasting cork grip. Bart McPherson · Bamboo Fly Rod Building

Virtus, Ramagli dopo il k.o. di Reggio: «La pressione ha giocato un brutto scherzo, ho dato tutto per le Vu nere»

Fins In Frames - Artist Brandon Trafananko - Death Roe.

Hard to find uncatalogued Streamline Standard Fountain pen made by Parker. #pens #fountainpen


2016 Business Cards - HLS & TFC Cards.

Pokemon 4-in-1 Combo Jumper