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Rusty2rustys Chatter 6 Fun Facts About Sleeping Dogs Animals

Rusty2rustys Chatter 6 Fun Facts About Sleeping Dogs Animals


Rusty2rusty's Chatter: 6 Fun Facts About Sleeping Dogs

Why do dogs curl up in a ball? It is an instinct from when dogs were wild. They curl up to stay warm. Plus to protect their vital organs and stomach ...

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6 Fun Facts About Sleeping Dogs. 1. Can dogs dream? Just like humans with the slow wave sleep (sws) and rapid eye movement (rem), dreams happen.

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What A Slimy Creature

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As a whole species (Acinonyx jubatus), the cheetah is not endangered. There is, however, a sub-species or variety called the Saharan Cheetah that lacks the ...

Rascal, a toy breed and a sample of 'Bella Adult Wet Dog food'

6. How many hours does your dog normally sleep? Dogs need 10 1/2 hours of sleep. In order to re-energize. Plus growth hormones are released which boost the ...

... my family was able to host a backyard BBQ for some friends and family. I enjoy hosting BBQ's or get together with family and friends. It is nice when ...

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Meet and Greet

Samantha is not available for adoption. Though much calmer and easier to live with than she was as a half-grown kitten, she's still a Scaredycat who ...

Blog Party Happy Spring

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... Frog Arm Trick: Francais Cartoons And Comics

The black-and-white kittens' faces are almost identical. Nearly all the cats in the Patchnose Family have had patches of different colors on their noses, ...

My Love of Animals and Nature: Happy National Dog Day! Rusty2rusty's Chatter

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Samantha grew up fast. Bigger than most spring kittens during her first winter, she's grown bigger steadily since, but now that she's two years old and has ...

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As so many times before, although cats don't show color prejudice, social cats often do seem to sort themselves by color. Serena has two gray-and-white ...

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Traveller was named for a fictional family, of "outrageous whiteness," who dressed in solid black. Under his solid black fur Traveller's skin showed ...

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Swimmer's white streak extends all the way through the patch of gray on top of its head, if you look closely, forming a narrow "parting.

cutaneous lymphoma lesions spreading on Farrah, more every day, due to the danger of

From above, Swimmer's back shows just a little more white than Silverheels'. When they were younger Swimmer was the friendliest, cuddliest kitten.

6 Surefire Ways to Tire Out Your Puppy

Serena is bigger now than she was last summer; her attitude's not changed. She's the Queen.

We at Wolfie's Place (dog boarding Brooklyn) have a background in science and love animals. Read our blog

When they're not color-matching, these kittens are likely to sort themselves by preferred pace for playing. Currently, Felix and Silverheels seem just ...

Traveller is the black blob in the foreground, hoping to be petted. Serena is on the far side of the path, looking hardly bigger than little Black Stache, ...

How to Cover a Leg Sore on a Dog

My oldest granddaughter choose this Possum who seems to have a problem with his derriere.

Solid Gold Holistic Pet Nutrition Keeps Your Pet Healthy & Happy Pet Nutrition, Animal Nutrition

Unfortunately, Morguefile didn't have a photo of the Saharan Cheetah (subsp. hecki). Saharan Cheetahs are paler overall, with no spots or stripes on the ...

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Rusty2rusty's Chatter

Life and Dog Stuff: Guest Post From Snowy Dog Stories, Maltese Dogs, Cat

My 2nd Daughter loves the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, so this is my interpretation of said Cat.

Are Rope Tug Toys Good For a Dog's Teeth?

Review This!: You Have to See This! Excellent Dog and Cat Strol.

Though Black Stache has accepted a name that commemorates Dave Barry's vision of the young Captain Hook, it's a rather docile, slow-moving kitten, ...

He has mutilated a stuffed bone, he has condemned a rope tug toy, he has dismantled a ball, and make.

Book Review: The Grumpus Under the Rug

Adorable puppy photo Puppy Breath, Dog Things, I Love

I adapted them where I wanted to make a specific change to suit my family or friends who likes a certain object or animal. I made about 100 items.

Book Review: The Secret Language Of Dogs

This is a photo of me when I was about a

Eating grass is a common dog behavior. In fact, grass is the most

Using size 7 Aida cloth I wanted to make a "Grumpy Cat". I made several of them.

Unexpected benefits of having a dog for your kids. Dogs And Kids, Animals For

The good thing about slugs, many creatures like to eat them. Besides bigger slugs eating the smaller ones. Snakes, birds, chickens, ducks, owls, hedgehogs, ...

10 Cool Facts About Basset Hounds

This was practically us, me with long blonde hair holding up her with long dark hair.

If your Dachshund suddenly can't walk, you must do this #dogcare Martini

Dusty the Mixed Breed -- Puppy Breed: Australian Cattle Dog / Australian Shepherd

Before White Out Liquid paper there was this. Round eraser with brush for typewriter

Bark And Roll Rescue Companions, A Worthy Cause to Support

My oldest daughter started loving Cardinals and has them for her Christmas theme for two years now. So these for her. This is the female who has some red ...

A Little Bit of Poetry: Can Dogs Tell Time - A Poem to My Dog

It might be more in the spirit of Tortie Tuesday if I'd written this post as a cat interview, but (ahem) a certain local lurker has yet to pay for that.

Cleopatra Leather Big Dog Bling Collar - Pink, Black or Red

The day the bell would not ring - Summer 1967

Buck Moth - Hemileuca maia

These 14 Major Stores & Restaurants Are Dog Friendly!

Hemileuca lucina adult.jpg

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10 Elegant Facts About Cocker Spaniels

Me and Benny September 2018

Complete details of the Lidl Orlando Brand Dog Food Recall as reported by the editors of

In 1985 they drove to Monterey with my daughter.

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Three Felt Kitties I made

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The two Cthulhu's side by side.

Hippie Yorkie outfit, which I'm going to get Jaxon to wear!

I will add more of my favorite poets from the classics and other Modern poets from my lifetime.

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Then I wrote an article about how to knit your own Sestina Afghan. I offered it to a printed magazine that had asked for crochet patterns.

October is National Adopt-a-Dog month! These 7 great tips are meant

Though shown here on a single bed, it's big enough for two people to snuggle under, or for one to wrap up in like a sleeping bag.

Best Dogs For Seniors

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Elliott & Fry - Minnie Terry with a dog (undated) Jack Russell Dogs,

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Emergency Preparedness That link will lead you to a great webpage with lots of information. A photo/chart that pretty much has the basic list of what each ...

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I was examined to see if I was fit enough to go back to school. The Doctors found I had heart trouble [damage] and an enlarged heart.