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Should we scrap SATs Cautiously yes David Didau Our Authors

Should we scrap SATs Cautiously yes David Didau Our Authors


Here's my column in this month's Teach Secondary magazine which is packed full of stuff much better than my meagre scrawlings so you'd be well advised to ...

Why I'm grateful for black people talking to me about race

What every teacher needs to know about '21st-Century learning' – David Didau

Some tentative thoughts about evidence in education

12 Rules for schools – Rule 1 Stand up straight with your shoulders back

This was the activity: A domino is made up of 2 squares. A pentomino is made up of 5. How many different pentominoes are there? I got out my ...

Seven tools for thinking #7: Beware of 'deepities'

Teaching matters, but there are more important things to get right | David Didau:

How to Teach - Reading for Pleasure Authors, Comment, Teaching Reading, Teaching Ideas

Just a reminder that my book The Great Exception – Why teaching is a profession like no other is still available here.

People also love these ideas.

... with our ability to store items more strongly. The best way to increase storage strength is to allow items to fade in memory before retrieval practice.

Why I no longer believe in social mobility - LKMco Flip Clock, Authors, Comment

I have the diagram above up in my room and regularly 'take the temperature' of a lesson by asking students to place themselves on the graph.

How can we increase breadth and challenge?

Coming soon…What every teacher needs to know about psychology

Serendipity: I had just come home from an afternoon talking to a group of NPQH trainees and had been struck by the diverse group of would-be headteachers in ...

Handwriting matters


The 10 most popular posts on The Learning Spy in 2016

Two years ago, I began writing a practical guide to formative assessment. I believed

The summary notes below, which I made whilst reading the book about five years ago, outline the forty two principles. The concepts are based around a model ...

Why 'mastery learning' may prove to be a bad idea

How do we know pupils are making progress? Part Assessment – David Didau

What every teacher needs to know about teaching for social justice – David Didau

If you tolerate this then your children will be next – David Didau Cross Selling,

Squaring the circle: can learning be easy and hard?

Developing Literacy Through Maths | Class Teaching Modeling Classes, Tool Design, Authors, Assessment

Teachers rely on children's language comprehension skills to deliver curriculum content, but this is very difficult if students have shaky word recognition ...

Framing learning: risk, temptation and loss aversion – Improving Teaching

Developing expertise #3: Circuit breakers


Why I don't think emojis should be studied in school

Beyond 'I will': implementation intentions to encourage student action – Improving Teaching Authors

Had a nice reaction to yesterday's post, which is always pleasing because writers famously write for themselves with the door closed, then edit for the ...

Can phonics help us spell better?

Whilst having fun playing, children can undertake a range of mark making experiences that develop their dexterity, co-ordination and other fine and gross ...

Writing in The Age , Brendan James Murray, author and teacher, laments the vocabulary gap between advantaged and disadvantaged Year 12 students sitting this ...

We would like to thank local author, Dr Sheena Wilkinson, for providing an intensive one day seminar on essay structure and A level writing ...

Back to school Part 3: Literacy

In my experience, these resources act as a crucial step in the process in unlocking students' ability to write. This is because they make explicit the some ...

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10 Misconceptions about Comparative Judgement


Do detentions work? – David Didau

20 psychological principles for teachers #2 Prior knowledge

What I learned in my visit to King Solomon Academy Part 2 – The Lemov lecture | The Echo Chamber

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So as long as classrooms look nice for senior leaders when they do their termly rounds, everyone's happy. David Didau ...


This is what I think


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20 psychological principles for teachers #3 Development

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Ofsted and deeper learning: it's like learning, but deeper – David Didau Teaching Schools

The rise of the unscrupulous optimist

Martin Ferguson

super local collaborates with malawi communities to create care collection ...

Paul Bloom, Against empathy: the case for rational compassion | The Echo Chamber

I say that as if it's a regular fixture in our calendar but it's not. It should be though. My wife is a stay-at-home mum of three and ...

What can we salvage from all of this? Well, one conclusion is that maybe it's worth giving “students with low socioeconomic status or who are academically ...

We would like to thank local author, Dr Sheena Wilkinson, for providing an intensive one day seminar on essay structure and A level writing ...

The year I began my requested move to year 6 was the year marking and feedback became high on the agenda. With the knowledge that book scrutinies with the ...

INOTE followed

Why I like 'tick n flick'

We would like to thank local author, Dr Sheena Wilkinson, for providing an intensive one day seminar on essay structure and A level writing ...

How to get students to value writing

Africa Renewal

When it comes to cutting cheese I'm a traditionalist. A knife; that's the tool for the job - preferably a made-for-the-job cheese knife.

Surge in young people seeking help for exam stress

It's official: your school's marking policy is probably wrong

My first answer was that if you cut out the shapes you could make a box without a lid out of each of them. Although Rufus liked this answer it clearly ...

Grammar schools don't add any value. So let's ditch them


One of the great pleasures of teaching is to connect students with books, and a sound strategy for keeping them reading is to turn them on to a good series.

What if I miss a day? I know it's only 29 minutes each day, but it could happen. This is something I want to do: write every day for a month.

Impact @ImpactWales

It makes sense but clearly they have little or no understanding of what a sentence is. Does this matter? Clearly they can communicate their thoughts; ...

gritduckworthbookcover_175x264. “

The curse of cursive: Are we fetishising joined up writing? – David Didau

Book Review: 'How To Survive In Teaching Without Imploding, Exploding Or Walking Away' by Dr. Emma Kell

There is no doubt that, had I been born in the last 30 years, I would have at some point in my education fallen into the Pupil Premium category.

The role of teachers is not to make managers' lives easier

The Case Against Education

ES Lifestyle newsletter

A Ransom Note

Why group socialisation theory argues against grammar schools