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Single, Saved, and Celibate Series: Save Yourself!

Single, Saved, and Celibate Series: There's No Them in You

Single, Saved, and Celibate Series: Fighting Temptation

#AskingForAFriend Know any #single #celibate Black men? http://www.circapurple.com/asking-for-a-friend-know-any-celibate-black-men …

Single, Saved, and Celibate Series: Honesty is Key!

There are a few voices that dominate and lead the conversations on sexual dispositions of the culture. Living a healthy celibate life as a single is not one ...

... single mom's devotional daily single mom devotional

8 Amazing Blogs For Single Christian Women Worth Following - Sophie-sticated Mom

... while since I have been single. There was a little time last year when I rekindled with a former love but that didn't last. I officially became celibate ...

Single, Saved, and Celibate Series: Engagment Is Not Marriage

... on this blog and finally write about something that I probably should have written in this blog when I created it two years ago: Involuntary Celibates ...

5 Unexpectedly Awesome Lessons I Learned From Being Single (And Celibate) for 5 Years

I didn't set out on a spiritual quest where I consciously decided to refrain from relationships to develop a deeper understanding of myself.

Imagine the shock of watching Janet Mbugua or Lilian Muli shoot herself in the head during a live TV broadcast…

I'm 44 years old, and I'm celibate…

A Celibate Same-Sex Couple?


Incels subreddit: "This is a support group for people, incels, who lack

Population & Celibacy Syndrome | Natural Health Blog

Sex , Celibacy, and How to Fight Temptations

Wheaton's Julie Rodgers Resigns, “Evolving” on Same-Sex Relationships

Promiscuous 'gay' man becomes attracted only to women after living celibate one year

I got drunk on chocolate for this one.

New Blog Post Alert Go to singleinchrist.org to read more of My Celibacy Blues · Single ...

Struggling with Celibacy?

1000 Days of Celibacy: A Race Against the Cockatoo

Not that its goal of saving sex for marriage isn't commendable. But that so many single ...

Ladies Single Celibate

... celibacy like the false Roman Catholic Church forces on its priests and nuns. I'm asking if you are one of the blessed recipients of what apostle Paul ...

Male Sexlessness is Rising But Not for the Reasons Incels Claim | Institute for Family Studies

Walking in your purpose isn't a destination it's a journey. Your purpose is revealed as you move. #BCGteam For full blog post click here: ...


It has come to the attention of the Daily Mail that Nick's eldest son, Antonio, now 12 – one of three sons – has made his father and mother extremely proud ...

According to some estimates, about one percent of the adult male population continues, after puberty, to be attracted to prepubescent children.

His analysis reveals much more, inadvertently, as he gushes about the need for women to domesticate men. This is like the smell of smoke in an airliner, ...

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Posted by The Awkward Spinster

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Although, I had been celibate for over one year, i didn't stop sleeping at his thinking i could fight the temptation or ...

Seeking Sexy, Celibate Seniors November 12, 2009. Posted by Onely in blog ...

Celibacy: One Path for a Man to Find His Perfect Companion

I'm Dreaming of Expanded Ministry Opportunities for Celibate Single Christians

Because I want you to become a single woman that is not just worried about your sex life, I have a FREE e-book; My Single Girls Guide to having it all.

Jesus' commands regarding divorce, marriage, remarriage, and celibacy are clear.


Celibacy in the City. Celibacy. Blog ...


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Even in the Eastern Rite of the Church, where married men are allowed to be Priests, they may not marry if they were single when they became a Priest, ...

A Celibate Lesbian's Cold Hard Look at Sexual Immorality in the Church

23 Celibate Life Unveiled - The Jesus Army

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Book Review: A War of Loves


Rebecca's Story

Diaconal ordination in the Diocese of Charlotte, 2014. Photo credit Catholic News Herald.

Why How to Be Single is more casually progressive than Trainwreck

Ahhh, what a touchy subject; exes and celibacy! This has crossed all of our minds at least once, and I have yet to see a reasonable post regarding this ...

celibacy 3. This time last week, I was absolutely dreading writing this article, let alone actually publishing it. But after having received one of the most ...

Celibacy 6 SURPRISE Benefits!

Dear Church: Words from a Single Friend

If we take the New Testament seriously, perhaps we should take celibacy more seriously. And by “take seriously” I mean teach that celibacy is the norm and ...

One-on-One with Jonathan Merritt on 'Learning to Speak God from Scratch' : Part 1. “

Incels, 4chan and the Beta Uprising: making sense of one of the Internet's most-reviled subcultures

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I think that one reason for this general view within Protestantism is because marriage is the normative experience for most people.

*LOVE TALK* Celibate Life/ Celibacy Journey/ Dating Celibate?/ Why Celibacy?

Wise Her Still: Wisdom For Women

*The following post is written by Greg Coles. Greg is a Ph.D. student at Penn State and is part of the collaborative team for The Center.

Top 15 Christian Female Bloggers – Top Must-Read Blogs By Christian Women

Celibacy Paul VI

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Celibate Sex: Musings on Being Loved, Single, Twisted, and Holy: Abbie Smith: 9781612913537: Amazon.com: Books

Hi, I'm Justine a dating and relationship coach who has been blogging on here since 2017. My purpose for this site is to help women attract and maintain a ...

I wanted something different and made a drastic change to take sex off the table of my dating life. Although the path has been challenging, ...

It's not that they can't get it; it's just that they don't want it, full stop – meet the very modern women perfectly happy to be celibate or asexual.