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Smacked by a rabid squirrel on a busy city street How can you die

Smacked by a rabid squirrel on a busy city street How can you die


Smacked by a rabid squirrel on a busy city street. How can you die from a SQUIRREL smacking you??? Sheesh!

Your Super Villain Name: I am Killer Thorn the General of Earth Flare Lord The Watcher of the Living

comedy squirrel

Women's March Dublin attracts thousands as part of global protest against Trump

The Great Outdoors? Not for Cats! 2017

Antivaccine nonsense ...

i am not a cat person….never had a cat as a pet…never wanted a cat…..i was always a dog man ….dogs were always happy to see me, followed me around…dogs ...

Brasil Fest 1994 ish

As hard as it is to ...

Farmers Hardware exterior 2018-January

Along with farm knowledge, we also didn't have cable when I was kid, so National Geographic specials were my jam. The day my little brother was born, ...

run w max 2

I called each organism's manner of being its identity. Each organism in the forest possessed a unique identity, unique as species, unique as individuals.

You are not able to tell because of my incredibly steady hand, but I had

The 30: Public bus explodes in middle of busy street






DVD Verdict 1552 - Entertainment Docket for Week of November 24

Providence City Hall with Haven Brothers' Diner to the left. (Photo taken from Kennedy Plaza.)

This is not a photo of the rainy day in Brooklyn when I decided to collect


The 30: Proposed law would make it illegal to cross street while texting in NY

Haven Brothers', where the guy in this story bought his hot wieners. (Building to the right is Providence City Hall.)

11 Killed, More Injured In Shooting At Squirrel Hill Synagogue


9 year old Gracie Johnson dreams of becoming a photographer….she lives now in the Virginia town where i also dreamed of being a photographer ...


Dodger airing smallest DeGioia





Alpha Adventures do Latin America ...

Raising the roof: Developer files plans to add two stories and apartments to landmarked building

I found Taquito on a dark, cold, and rainy night in the City of San Bernardino in 2011. My wife and I were driving from her parents house when we saw a ...


IMG_20170121_124911 (1)

these are the penguin random house offices in nyc. i am prepared to camp out in front of them until some kindly intern slips me an ARC of this. ...more




“I ended up hitting my knees one day,” he continues, “praying for a change. Praying for something I could do that could change my life…

Donald Trump protests

11 Dead in Mass Shooting at Pittsburgh Synagogue. Here's what we ...

“Non-operant Conditioning: The New Dog Training Technique that will Blow Your Mind”

View of Providence River from Crawford Street Bridge. To the far left African slaves sometimes landed; here two dolphins were recently cited.

Post about anything you want, ask random questions, whatever. You can also talk at the SSC subreddit, the SSC Discord server, ...

A sign discouraging people from feeding coyotes. Feeding them can habituate them to human presence, thus increasing the likelihood of attack.

After the tour I took my keepsakes home not even really sure what I'd do with them. They ended up in a bag under the bed. 'What does it matter?


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Pittsburghers Gather For Saturday Evening Vigil Following Squirrel Hill Shooting

“And then I'd go over into the plaza area of the World Trade Center and just sit there and read the paper, drink coffee, and watch people go into ...

Whole Foods and New York City Consumer Affairs agree that Whole Foods is paying $500,000 to settle charges that it overcharged NYC customers for some items, ...

street with old houses and city steps climbing hillside, Pittsburgh, PA

On May 15th, I delivered a talk about our forthcoming Spreadable Media book in the Regent's Street Cinema, which has been hailed as the Birthplace of the ...

Large image on homepages

view of Pittsburgh from city steps


A massive metal structure has been erected on Moema Street to commemorate the Soweto Uprising; it depicts a group of schoolchildren facing a policeman with ...

The Good Fairies of New York by Martin Millar, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Squirrel siblings

That's what I'm seeing written all over the city. It started as chalk scribbles on sidewalks and has moved onto signs, billboards, large letters attached to ...

There is so much more to do in Soweto; you just have to ask.

Women's March Dublin attracts thousands as part of global protest against Trump

The circled area is the shade provided by the portion of the roof where (I believe) the ETFE installation is complete. You can clearly see the jail-bar ...

... over 28,000 people would contract the disease and ~11,000 would die in equatorial West Africa in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

The 30: Drifter caught on camera throwing rocks at passing cars

Ferry tale of North Williamsburg

This is bringing increased attention to the cold season, often overlooked in past in North American field studies.

... by hitting a snail shell with a rock, they can crack it open and retrieve the ...

David Hammons' Art Installations in Cuba

... as an adjunct to its Reading Buddies tutoring program during the school year in the Bay St. Louis and Waveland elementary schools.

... the world confiscate in a year.

Dog seized by city and sold on eBay

2 Raccoons Found In Pittsburgh, Mt. Lebanon Test Positive For Rabies


The Vanderbeekers have always lived in the brownstone on 141st Street. It's nearly another member of their family. So when their reclusive, ...

Even if (or because) their bodies can be a foot and a half long with a tail that matches their body length.


The 30: Man records deer following him during morning jog

Click the image to ...

Jason Ford