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Sparking manta ray chasing oceanic manta as part of the courtship

Sparking manta ray chasing oceanic manta as part of the courtship


Sparking manta ray chasing oceanic manta as part of the courtship ritual .

Top facts. Manta rays ...

Post your questions here and Manta Trust expert @TamSawers, the Project Leader of Manta

Nursery For Giant Manta Rays Discovered In Gulf Of Mexico : NPR Juvenile manta ray at Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary. G.P. Schmahl/FGBNMS

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File photo. File photo. Manta rays are large rays belonging to ...

It's always manta season at 7SEAS .

(a) Pipe of known length being measured on the ocean floor showing the projected

... parasites on the manta. #revillagigedo #socorro #mexico #mar #sea #manta #mantarraya #mantaray #pelagic #pelagico #buceo #dive #diving #scuba #ray #azul ...

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Eagle Ray | spotted eagle ray aetobatus narinari ocean atlantic pacific chordata .

A reef manta ray (*Mobula alfredi*) passing over a pristine hard coral

Black reef manta ray (*Mobula alfredi*) at Magic Mountain, Misool.

Manta Ray Marine Biology, Stingrays, Aquarium, Underwater Animals, Underwater Creatures, Ocean

Duncan Murrell's photograph of three giant devil rays took home Best in Show. Murrell captured the photograph of “spinetail devil rays, (Mobula japanica) ...

A remembrance of turtle encounter 💙🐢💙 .

7SEAS Jewelry is an official Commercial Supporter of the Manta Trust. . We donate 10

Unter Dem Meer, Deep Blue Sea, Sea World, Underwater Photography, Underwater Life

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A Manta Ray Glides under the Surface of the Ocean Photographic Print

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Female manta rays are not easy ladies! Seven distinct courtship stages of Manta Rays were identified: initiation, endurance, evasion, pre-copulatory ...

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M. alfredi showing: (a) unique ventral markings, and (b)

Marble Rays at 119'. Sigma 15mm FE. ISO 400, f/11

Cute turtle and quite an interesting angle . Reposted from @diving.freediving . . . . . . . . . #tortuga #tortugas #latortuga #islala… | 7SEAS Jewelry

Swimming with Manta Rays

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Manta Rays swim in the waters off Lady Elliot Island

Estrella de los 100 mares ☀️

Boats Attacking Whales

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It was an incredible 2 months of manta action. We recorded over 500 sightings for the @mantatrust database so it was definitely no holiday!

Giant Manta Rays can be up to 7 metres across and travel the oceans feeding on

Australian photographer Nick Polanszky captured this manta ray as it swam through the Sea of Cortés near Mexico.


... Mobula Ray leap high out of the water, sometimes even doing back flips and somersaults

Paul Hunter

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IN HER colourless suit, Angela Merkel looked like a grey mouse, too ashamed to face the German public after her cowardly decision to permit investigation ...



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I woke on the Thursday morning to perfect conditions and the most amazing sunrise. I had this feeling we would see Manta today and we did.

A manta passing overhead at Tubbataha.


Manta Ray Wall Art Tapestry Sea Animal Interior by Macrografiks

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New Comics For Wednesday 3rd of February


A ...

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A manta ray banks over a shoal of fish www.flowcheck.es Taller de

Designed to allow guests to reconnect with nature while respecting it, the Island Conservation Society (ICS) team offers activities to create an island that ...

Hoy me toco convivir con tortugas, delfines, manta rayas y tiburones. Otro sueño

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After Maria ...

Una #mantaraya vista des de sota al #ozeaneumstralsund #stralsund #mecklenburgvorpommern #zaballosworld

Byyeee Hotel El Ganzo / Puerto Los Cabos #7seasjewelry #manta

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Horse-eye jacks (*Caranx latus*) school around the Castor wreck of

Red Sealy I Allan

En la Isla Gran Caimán🐊 visitamos el área de Stingray City, donde hay un

Internet Advertising: Quota Management to Protect the Global Commons?

Photographer Henley Spiers took home the top two prizes in the the "Natural Light" category. This image of a southern stingray swimming in the Cayman ...

The ...


Cape Catsharks – curiouser & curiouser

Intimando con una manta raya. El momento más suave del día .

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Mermaid in Hanalei

caption: Novice DSLR, 1st; source: Alvin Cheung/Ocean Art Competition 2018

Although the manta season in Baa has come to an end, I still

First and foremost: just how large do mantas grow? As specimens are very rarely captured, and those that have been are seldom examined thoroughly due to ...

Order: Cyprinoid fish (Cypriniformes) Family: Suckerfishes (Catostomidae) Habitat: lakes and rivers of southern part of North America.

No, this is not Tiger Beach. In northern portions of Palm Beach in the

Mexico Part II

Manta Raya 💙 #art #arte #draw #draws #drawing #tradicionalart #


Humpback whale and her calf (Megaptera novaeangliae)



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Chasing Sunsets in Santorini

Hawaiian Fine Art For Sale By Patrick Ching Gicle'e's and Matted Prints - Hawaii Artist Patrick Ching

mako shark

El Arco, also known as Darwin's Arch on Darwin Island is one of the top 10 dive sites in the world, famous for the schools of sharks brought in by the ...

Clifford the Big Red Dog