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The FIRST US School District to Begin Serving 100 Organic GMO

The FIRST US School District to Begin Serving 100 Organic GMO


The FIRST U.S. School District to Begin Serving 100% Organic, GMO-Free Meals

Meet the First U.S. School District to Serve 100% Organic, GMO-Free Meals

First U.S. School District to Serve 100% Organic, GMO-Free Meals

Students from Bayside MLK Academy in Marin City, California. (Credit: Turning Green

The FIRST U.S. School District to Begin Serving 100% Organic, GMO-Free Meals

Public school district in Marin, CA makes history as first in the U.S. to serve 100% organic school lunches

The First U.S. School District to Begin Serving Only Organic, GMO-Free Meals. Article 1 of 40 >. Advertisement

When schools in California's Sausalito Marin City District return to session this ...

First U.S. School District to Serve 100% Organic, GMO-Free Meals - Brighteon

First U.S. School District to Serve 100% Organic, non-GMO Meals* | Hwaairfan's Blog

This US School District Is The First To Serve 100% Organic, GMO-Free Meals. 29-8-2015 < news Activist Post 124 613 words. img_6980

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California School District is 1st in the U.S. to Serve Organic, GMO-Free Meals

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A new round of food testing commissioned by GMO Free USA found that glyphosate and its break down product or metabolite, aminomethylphosphonic acid (AMPA), ...

Organic Food Sakkim in India


Sticking with non GMO food can be overwhelming, especially because GMOs are everywhere you look. In the U.S. ...

Organic food

UC Davis school lunch

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Are GMOs safe? Yes. The case against them is full of fraud, lies, and errors.

A Lonely Quest for Facts on Genetically Modified CropsA Lonely Quest for Facts on Genetically Modified Crops

A label on a bag of popcorn indicates it is a non-GMO food product

Organic vegetables grown without any harmful pesticides and fresh off the farm. Salads topped with freshly made dressings. And milkshakes and dairy products ...

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Can we feed 10 billion people on organic farming alone? | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

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It is frequently claimed that GM foods are not properly tested, or asserted that few independent studies have been published to establish their safety.

Nutrition kiosk at Jester Residence Hall Cafeteria at UT Austin.

Genetic Engineering

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World map of organic agriculture (hectares)


With studies cited above suggesting health problems at levels as low as .05 parts per billion, it's hard to make a case for any level at all being safe.

Natural Flavor is practically the exact same thing as Artificial Flavor, but it's derived from substances found in nature (plants, animals, etc).

United States FDA officially approves banned GMO Chinese rice for export to the States

Can we feed 10 billion people on organic farming alone?

#FLOSN 1st US District to serve #fresh #local #organic #seasonal #nonGMO student lunches! https://www.instagram.com/p/BAiTXRcCwmY/ pic.twitter.com/ ...

To many of my friends, buying organic is more than a supermarket choice. It's a badge of good parenting. They proclaim “I buy only organic” with the same ...

Is Arbonne Really As Pure And Safe As They Claim?

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To start, GMOs in agriculture can preserve biodiversity. GM crops increase productivity on existing agricultural land and protect biodiversity by sparing ...

This will be a great event for Richmond. Definitely increase awareness of all the great happenings that are taking place in town.

Study points to new natural rye bran alternative to synthetic preservatives; Source: Getty / Rawpixel

Save the date! Meet with your Board Directors to discuss the state of the Co

Meet the first US school district to serve 100% organic GMO- free meals

Monsanto's Cruel, and Dangerous, Monopolization on American Farming | Vanity Fair

GMOs Defined - the Facts About GMO ...

Schools Restore Fresh Cooking to the Cafeteria

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How much of our food in the U.S. is genetically modified?

In the very first episode of The Living Maxwell Podcast, I interview Liana Werner-Gray, #1 best-selling author of three books (The Earth Diet, ...

The state has paved the way for Costco's experiment in extreme vertical integration for years. But farmers and activists brought together in opposition ...

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Training for Organic Agriculture Students at SEKEM Farm

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Ingo Potrykus on TIME Magazine

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... The Organic and Non-GMO Report ...

A lot of people have told me they're surprised that organic foods can contain natural flavors. While it's not ideal, at least “Organic Natural Flavor” is ...

Vegetables from ecological farming

Glyphosate was detected in 39 out of the 44 restaurant food samples tested, in 33 of the 38 menu items. Foods with no glyphosate detected included beef, ...


Saturday, January 26th, 2019

Van Eenennaam and Young review in Animal Science 2014 (open access pdf file) Prevalence and impacts of genetically engineered feedstuffs on livestock ...

Did you know that Starbucks uses ingredients that are scarier than bugs and could even be harmful to your health? That's where the real sabotage begins…

Meatless Monday and Nutritional Information Center at Jester Residence Hall Cafeteria at UT Austin.

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"U.S. Organic Hotspots and their Benefit to Local Economies" is conclusive research that links economic health at the county level to organic agriculture, ...

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Photo of The Organic Coup - San Francisco, CA, United States

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Nearly 100,000 schools/institutions serve school lunches to 30 million students each day

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“Going forward, we are always striving to better ourselves and the community around us with sustainable practices and eco-consciousness,” says Laiosa.

Veroni, the Italian salumi producer famous for giant mortadellas, is the first company to bring the largest 100 percent made in Italy mortadella to the ...

To convince Americans GMOs are safe, stakeholders must first convince them to open their minds, study finds; Picture: William Hereford

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We Wake Up Thinking About Organic Food! Breakfast served fresh daily (at ...

OTA has spearheaded and underwritten significant studies on organic trade in its effort to build a sound set of data for organic stakeholders and ...