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The Ultimate List of Hand Clapping Games for Kids Kids stuff

The Ultimate List of Hand Clapping Games for Kids Kids stuff


Remember these classics from when you were young? Kids love them today too! Awesome videos of old-school hand-clapping games for kids!

Hand Clapping Games. Playing clapping games provides fun for children ...


The absolute best list of hand clapping games for kids. Full of fun hand clap

8 easy games for kids you can play with just your hands

A whole website for hand clapping songs! I can only remember two and thought nobody did these anymore! YAY!

Hand Clapping Games 3

The Ultimate List of Hand Clapping Games for Kids

Mom and baby clapping

Last week, the storied history behind hand-clapping games whetted my nerd appetite, so I wrote a rich, three-course post about it all.

The Ultimate List of Hand Clapping Games for Kids

A collection of farm themed games and activities for kids. Great for teaching kids about

Say, say, oh playmate Look back at the history of this old song and

Clapping games

A collection of games to play while waiting in line.

A common style of playing "Pat-a-Cake". A clapping game (or hand ...

An introduction to clapping games

Happy teachers and children holding musical instruments in classroom

7 Retro Playground Games To Teach Your

Three African Clapping Games from Liberia - Africa Heartwood Project - YouTube

Our 50 favourite childhood games

The Ultimate List of Hand Clapping Games for Kids

You know that cupboard crammed full of board games? It's time to open it up! Find an age appropriate game for your children and get them engaged with ...

This film shows a group of Year 6 children in a Sheffield school playground doing a well-known clapping game

20 fun indoor games

Handclap Games of the 80s

Hand Clapping Game "Bim Bum"

These preschool goodbye songs are perfect kids songs for circle time or as a transition song

Brain Break Ideas: 10 Crossing the Midline Brain Break Resources for home or classroom


30 Classic Outdoor Games for Kids

I use small photos to illustrate the information and activities that I share, and you will have a much better experience on this website if you can view the ...

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summer things to do with kids build a fort

8 Activities for Your Preschooler with Cerebral Palsy. Preschool-age children ...

Kids clapping games, the oldies are all here! Can't have little kids

... Games Taught To Enslaved Children As Distractions. Corn Ditties Were The Original... is listed (or ranked) 1 on

ESL/EFL Games for Teaching English to Children

An infant at a piano

Riddles aren't for Batman villains or weirdoes — literally, all kids love riddles. Here are a bunch perfect for kids, but hard enough to still be fun.

dad reading with kids

10 Fun outdoor learning activities for kids

Remember when the best games you could play with two hands required only ... two hands? Get the grandkids to put away the handheld video games by playing ...

Baby smiling and holding a ball

Music Games For Kids

Hand Clapping Games 2

A collection of 20 fun playground games for kids. Use this playground games list for

Use these hello songs for circle time for preschool or kindergarten.

Seven Playful Claps


15 Classic Yard Games for Kids

Fun old-fashioned games and rules

There's something nostalgic about seeing little kids play clapping games ...

Hand stacking game

The Benefits of Brain Breaks for Kids

Fun camp games for adults, for teens, and even for kids! Great games

childhood games

Here are 37 great games and activities to

Sunday October 26th, 2014 Margaret Mead Film Festival 2014

Actions Songs for Babies

Mother and son arm wrestling.

Children in Virginia playing hand games at school.

Team building activities

Get the free game by clicking on the picture!

How to Raise a Happy Kid in the Digital Age

This is a Kyoto guide for kid friendly places for families with toddlers, small children and even teenagers. While Tokyo has many parks and museums, ...

Circle Time Welcome Songs -- Preschool & Kindergarten

The Ultimate List of Hand Clapping Games for Kids

Gross Motor Skills and Handwriting

Activities that stimulate phonemic awareness in preschool and elementary school children are one sure way to get a child ready for reading!

A collection of preschool songs for kids to sing in the classroom.

Ashley Danyew - church musician and music educator.jpg

Tuck the thumb of your right hand underneath your first two fingers so that the knuckle is hidden but the thumbnail is visible. Straighten all the fingers ...