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The captains jar debate Fandomscrossoversnerd life Captain

The captains jar debate Fandomscrossoversnerd life Captain


The captain's jar debate

Essay on bruno the boy in the striped pyjamas Bruno was a very friendly boy to almost everyone, that one exception was Grettle who always made fun of and ...

I wonder if in the supernatural universe vampires count bags full of grains like fairies do, because when I first saw that episode I remember it was ...

Dean and Buffy would definitely get along Fandom Crossover, Supernatural Tv Show, Joss Whedon

The Big Bang Theory

David Tennant is the definition of sexual ten-sion😉💕. Caitlin · Nerd Life Celebrating My Favorite Fandoms

Fandom Life

Hosts ...

Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean

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To The Journey 135: Nerd Herd Immunity



(4) MIGNOGNA. Anime News Network's post “'Far From Perfect': Fans Recount Unwanted Affection from Voice Actor Vic Mignogna” extensively documents examples ...

“Captain Marvel. The name will always define the best of us!”

Incredible how quickly the Sherlock fandom gets to EVERY SINGLE POST on Tumblr! <----we are EVERYWHERE!!!

Ever since TNG premiered in the late 1980s fans have debated until they're blue in the face which captain reigns supreme. Throw in four more contenders over ...

Hosts Cam Smith and Tyler Orton compare listener fan-mail piles while delving into Trek's history of producing surprise fan favorites who influence the ...

... with a pupil and white highlights.

Lol I would totally watch that if it was a thing bc I loved the potc movies!

76) See You Yesterday

Trek fans have long joked about the franchise's lengthy catalogue of renegade admirals and off-the-rails captains. But who among the many most egregiously ...

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FANDOM FASHIONS: Game of Thrones Merch Edition - For All Nerds .

Simon Pegg = Awesomeness Though that strange font and lilac background kind of ruins this

#MarvelHeadcanon #AvengersHeadcanon #AvengersandGreekGodCrossover #SteveRogers #Athena

When Did Captain America Become WorthyHe was so close in “Age of Ultron” . . . then by “Endgame” it was hammer time! But when exactly did Captain America ...

WFNY discusses Star Wars: The Last Jedi

CBS Expanding Star Trek TV Franchise; May Include Patrick Stewart Returning As Picard


No look back at the year in nerd culture can be complete without one of the most interesting developments in quite some time for fans of “Star Wars” and “ ...

Staggering Podcast #316: Landing the Ending

The Scream Squad: Maniac Cop & Old New York (PODCAST)


Episode ...

In “To Boldly Go,” Captain Kirk and co. have been sent to investigate Starfleet's recent loss of several of the Enterprise's fellow Constitution class ...

Captain America: Civil War Panel Discussion Deleted Scenes: BvS V Civil War

... Ruined by Happy EndingsThese were some great movies RUINED by happy endings. There's a time and a place for happy endings, and these movies weren't it.

Putting aside a lot of the baggage that continues to weigh down this series (the pointless prequel setting, the disregard for Trek continuity) and taken on ...

I want to hear your

FANDOM FASHIONS: Horror Appreciation

The Great Big Crude Star Trek Survey can be found here! All responses are valued and appreciated!

Rena ...

When did the Browns break you? While We're Waiting

A scene from "Star Mission"


... the new characters, the old characters, ...

Carrie Fisher Mark Hamill

For a technologically wondrous utopia, Gene Roddenberry's universe sure does see a lot of chaotic breakdowns! This week hosts Cam Smith and Tyler Orton, ...

Here's What It Felt Like to See The Phantom Menace For the First Time | Tor.com

The Man of Screen Extra Episode 18 - Shared Fandom: Harry Potter

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Join WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Unanswered Questions ...

Worldbuilders The Wrap Up. Caitlin · Nerd Life Celebrating My Favorite Fandoms

... Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. But are books already obsolete?

Saga4Ham Hamilton Saga mashup Brian K. Vaughan Fiona ...

Or Batman & Robin teamed up with the Green Hornet & Kato? Since nearly the beginning of the TV era crossovers have ...

... scroll item about Tiptree got me to looking things up, and I found the attached” – a bit of social news from the Chicago Tribune for January 24, 1946.

Toon Wars The Final Days Void Star Cover by Frozarburst


Impersonal Debates: While We're Waiting

Jacket from Navabi; Tee from Lands End; Jeans from Nordstrom; Boots from 6pm;

I have been catching up with a number of stand-alone Star Trek novels telling stories from Captain Kirk's era that had been sitting unread — for far too ...

Ever since Discovery teased looming possibilities for the franchise's favorite controversial covert spy agency Section 31, debate has begun anew regarding ...

Join WatchMojo.com as we discuss Why Avengers: Endgame Doesn't Have a Post-Credits Scene.

We now have a website!

Steve Rogers is treated as a real life “splash page” in the film (if you're not a comic fan, a splash is 1-2 pages that showcase some impressive artwork, ...

Sonequa ...

Help the Mythopoeic Society pick what belongs in the collection — “Reader's Choice: The Best of Mythlore's First Fifty Years”.

Staggering Stories Podcast #315

Are the NBA Finals even going to be fun? While We're Waiting

Author has written 33 stories for Hunger Games, Victorious, Sherlock, Torchwood, Glee, Supernatural, Avengers, Thor, Ironman, Hanna, Firefly, and Captain ...

Actor Anson Mount has been cast as Captain Chr..

The Boondocks Season 4 Episode 7: recap

In 'What's Past Is Prologue', the Discovery is fighting to save All Life Everywhere, and the biggest negative consequence that follows from this is quite ...

At this time last year fandom was waiting with bated breath to experience its first new season of TV Trek in over a decade. And boy was it exciting!

Tee and Pip have really been enjoying Star Trek: Discovery.

I'm an everyday ordinary humanoid by day, and a wand waving, arrow shooting, undercover spying, velociraptor fearing, treasure plundering, Declaration of ...




To The Journey 152: Prax is Essential


By focusing on fan-favorite characters Worf and Data, and throwing in some nerd-tastic cross-promotion, the creative team's ...

The Two True Freaks Presents - Star Trek Next Generation First Generation Summer Commentary Crossover 6 - Hairspray

The ...

I'm glad they're not referring to him as Captain right now, as that could mean a multitude of things. Did he finally get promoted to Admiral?

Over the course of three months, Invisible Creature designed three of a series of pieces

In so many ways, by the time you'd seen The Phantom Menace, it was like you'd already seen it anyway. The facts of the film were pretty much established but ...


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