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The food you consume is deliberately tainted to cause ill health and

The food you consume is deliberately tainted to cause ill health and


The food you consume is deliberately tainted to cause ill health and weight-gain,

Anayse of minced meat in a lab

Ausstellung Food Revolution 5.0 im Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg. (MKG FoodRevolution 5.0

There are six more artificial food colors that were approved for food and later banned by the FDA: Green 1, Green 2, Red 1, Red 2, Red 4, and Violet 1.

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Food safety: Regional information ...

Psychology Today. Find a Therapist

Only you can decide how valuable your long-term health and well-being is

The Last Conversation You'll Ever Need to Have About Eating Right

An overhead shot of a table laden with food.

It is true that if you eat undercooked chicken, you run the risk of contracting potentially lethal bacteria.



Federal health officials are warning the public about a version of synthetic marijuana laced with rat

China probes rice tainted with cancer-causing cadmium


The top reasons explained - Vegan.com

In terms of an eating experience, I found the Impossible Burger to be a mixed bag. The "meat" itself tasted shockingly close to beef, ...

Some experts argue that these crops could pose serious health and environmental risks, but the scientific picture is currently incomplete -- deliberately ...

Isabel Hardman and Lara Prendergast

What It's Like to Eat Some of the Worst Prison Food in America

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Before now, I've tried to avoid explicitly talking about the way I eat (on the Internet…not in real life). I've avoided it because labeling your diet can ...

Why toxic chemicals keep sneaking into our food | Environment| All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 09.08.2017

Food safety incidents in China

How to get help when you buy tainted food at a store

A Little Formaldehyde With Your Milk?

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Are we killing the environment or is it killing us? When we look at what we eat and how we grow it, we find extensive evidence for damage both to our food ...

A salad with vegetables. Vegetables with parasites have made more than 200 people ill.

Advertisement: The act of sneaking inedible or ...

Researchers from the University of Nairobi, Germany and Canada have confirmed worrying levels of aflatoxins in popular busaa.

Health officials say that a 71-year-old man died after eating a bad oyster in Sarasota earlier this month.

The Mystery of the Tainted Cocaine

Potatoes and a variety of other vegetables are members of the toxic nightshade family. Despite the deadly connection, these starchy vegetables are usually ...

Illustration: Angelica Alzona/Gizmodo

The FDA Can Now Force Product Recalls

MSG is dangerous

Just like Big Tobacco, Big Sugar could be the next big public health campaign.

Update: On June 28, 2018, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared this E. coli outbreak officially over.

Eight sickened by E. coli in Romaine lettuce from Arizona farm

Between February and August 2011, the Cargill Meat Solutions Corp. recalled <a


An unlicensed doctor in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has been accused of infecting 46 people with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, ...

Domino's worker sticks shredded mozzarella in his nose before putting it on a pizza. Via

Sara Wong / The Atlantic

However, if the grocery store sold expired food that caused you to get sick, ...

Food market stall with a variety of vegetables

Before you spend another dollar on organic food, read these 14 facts the organic industry

Our analysis found varying levels of arsenic in more than 60 rices and rice products.

Ready to eat. Mark Turnauckas, CC BY

cochoncarlos - Fotolia.com The ...

Food safety for whom? Corporate wealth versus people's health

Canada's Food Guide Consultation

Chipotle outbreak cause still unknown as local health department reports more than 700 possible cases

5:13 AM - 20 Apr 2015

During 2005 and 2006, <a href="http://

Guiding Principle 1 – Foods and beverages to encourage | Discuss the issues! | Canada's Food Guide Consultation

Whether you are a runner, a biker, a Crossfitter, or just a fitness enthusiast, the quality of food you consume has a huge impact on your fitness gains and ...

Thousands of victims of the NHS tainted blood scandal may still be unaware they are infected


Why you really should (but really can't) eat horsemeat. An overabundance of wild horses in ...

Fried stinky tofu. Photo by: By Marco Tjoanda / Shutterstock.com. Fortunately for Zhao, the health ...

On Vegetarianism and Stoicism by Jeremy Corter

A meta-analysis (study of studies) representing 16 low-fat diet studies also reported that low-fat diets without deliberate portion control cause weight ...

The alarming claim is that the U.S. government added poison to alcohol to discourage people from drinking it during Prohibition, the period from 1920 to ...

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SPIs – the world of insects that live inside our food

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(Nancy Huehnergarth is a national food ...

You care about where your food comes from. Shouldn't you care about who grew and picked it?

Food Recall Impact


But in the course of my own reporting on the tragic outbreaks of E. coli in hamburger a few years ago for The New York Times, I stumbled upon something with ...

dangers soy milk. Are you convinced yet about the ...

The end product turned out better than I expected. My only qualm was that the cheese substitute did not melt as quickly as American cheese does.

Some American food-safety inspections aren't happening due to the government shutdown, sparking food-poisoning concerns. Here's what this food-poisoning ...


A Consumer Reports team looked for five types of bacteria that have been found on beef

Shots - Health Blog · Tainted Pork Is Latest Food Safety Scandal In China

All measures and conditions necessary to control hazards and to ensure fitness for human consumption of a foodstuff taking into account its intended use.

Food safety procedures include:

I Worry That Everything I Eat Is Going to Give Me Food Poisoning

Weird Foods That Give You Food Poisoning

20111101-Wikicommons drink Yili Groupmilk.jpg

Stinky Tofu has a notorious reputation in China. Photo by: canghai76 / Shutterstock.com


Fake food or fraud food in Nigeria, Kenya and other African countries — Quartz Africa

The diet industry would have you believe that “health” requires a book, a meal plan, a membership fee, some protein shakes, and maybe even some pills.

Fearful of using the tap water to wash their food, Flint residents Melissa and Adam Mays prepare meals with bottled water.

Rumor: Oranges from Libya have been injected with HIV-positive blood and pose a danger of infection.

Fruits and vegetables that are flash-frozen are likely to retain more nutrients than “fresh” fruits and vegetables imported from far away.