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The refugee families caught up in a war zone in Libya Migrants and

The refugee families caught up in a war zone in Libya Migrants and


The refugee families caught up in a war zone in Libya

Libya is a war zone. Why is the EU still sending refugees back there?

Boats carrying 20 migrants intercepted

149 refugees landed safely this evening in Pratica di Mare military airport after being

Detained refugees trapped, Libyan families flee, as fighting worsens in Tripoli | Libya

Teenager Sajeda Shareif hopes her actions will encourage peace in a country which has faced instability

Crisis point: the EU's first port of call in dealing with African migrants is Libya

Giorgos Moutafis/Reuters

In Libya, EU Supports Returning Migrants to a War Zone. Europe Aligns With Trump in Brutal Refugee Policy

I am a refugee in a Libyan camp. Conditions are so bad, people are dying | Thomas Issak | Opinion | The Guardian

Border Force boat arrives with migrants on board

Refugee crisis: Where are all these people coming from and why? | The Independent

A family of migrants alighting a plane at the Pratica di Mare Air Base near Rome

The UN's refugee agency wants to resettle 2,500 refugees and migrants, currently in Libya,


Barca Nostra hull

The EU's deal with Libya is sentencing refugees to death

An overcrowded migrant boat shortly before capsizing in the Mediterranean Sea between Libya and

CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE: Migrants sheltering in the Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency in Tajora

Libyans call for an end to fighting during a demonstration against strongman Khalifa Haftar in the

Fighters loyal to the Libyan internationally-recognised Government of National Accord (GNA) gesture

Image. Refugees and migrants ...

African migrants in Tunisia

Fighters from the self-proclaimed Libyan National Army loyal to Khalifa Haftar. (Abdullah

detention in Libya

Libya: African refugees being sold at 'regular public slave auctions'

Daily Nation

Syrian refugees at a sprawling refugee camp in Turkey. Kutluhan Cucel/Getty


EU-Libya migration cooperation: Shipwrecked values of humanity. The Danish Refugee ...

Fleeing Migrant Workers Pile Up at Libya's Borders

I am a refugee in a Libyan camp. Conditions are so bad, people are dying

European priorities, Libyan realities: the central Mediterranean refugee crisis

A succession of disasters has made the waters between Libya and Europe the deadliest in the

Young migrants crossing the desert zone in northeastern Niger on their way to Europe transit through

Condemned to drown at sea or be locked up in Libya. Refugees and migrants sit in the ...

Libyan coastguard 'opens fire' during refugee rescue as deaths in Mediterranean Sea pass record 1,500

The self-styled Libyan National Army has launched airstrikes on Tripoli - BBC News

Migrants in difficulty are approached by the Aquarius. Photograph: Patrick Barr/AP

https://www.unhcr.org/news/press/2019/5/5ceff1144/unhcr-evacuates-hundreds-vulnerable- refugees-libya-safety.html …pic.twitter.com/V22nptAOgT

French President Emmanuel Macron (L) shakes hand with the Chairman of the Presidential Council

Thousands flee Tripoli homes as battle rages on outskirts | The Japan Times

Thursday's Daily Brief: impact of bad working conditions, Syria and Libya humanitarian news, human rights in Bahrain, families reunified in South Sudan

Libya 'war crimes' videos shared on social media

Picture symbolizing migrants stuck in a camp (picture-alliance/AFP/MINDS Global

A wrecked tank, reportedly belonging to the LNA, in the Al Hira area,

EU risks fuelling horrific abuse of refugees and migrants in Libya | Amnesty International

Photo Gallery: The Hell of Libyan Migrant Camps

LÉ Róisín rescues 371 migrants in three separate search-and-rescue operations 37 nautical miles northwest of Tripoli, June 27, 2016.

A pair of rescued migrants in a boat in the Mediterranean Sea (picture-alliance

Libya crisis: UN warns attacks on civilians may amount to war crimes

... last summer in an abandoned industrial facility a few miles east of Tripoli. Along with more than 700 other Eritrean refugees, she had been ...

African migrant's journey to Europe through Sahara and Mediterranean — Quartz Africa

2016: The deadliest year ever for refugees trying to reach Europe

The Libyan Slave Trade Has Shocked the World. Here's What You Should Know

Libya crisis: The fight for Tripoli explained from the front line

Condemned to drown at sea or be locked up in Libya

A small boat in water, with land on the horizon behind. Many people are. Syrian and ...

A migrant after being rescued off the coast of Libya (Reuters/A. Jadallah

A baby being taken on to MSF's Bourbon Argos ship from a boat carrying 130 migrants

Italian police evict Eritrean refugees occupying the square in Piazza Indipendenza in Rome, Italy, on August 24, 2017.

Chased by war: Syrian refugees caught in Ukraine warzone

Libya migrant boat (picture-alliance/dpa/E.Morenatti)

Sami, 18, from Mayoma in Eritrea

Refugee crisis: what can you do to help?

The 10 best articles on refugees and migration 19/2019

The Italian Coast Guard stopped a boat carrying 158 African refugees from Libya in Lampedusa, Italy, on July 8. Credit Patrick Zachmann/Magnum Photos


Help save lives every day. The Danish Refugee Council provides help and ...

To be black in Libya

105 people rescued by Open Arms wait for green light to be transferred to the boat of MSF- SOS Med. © Open Arms

... to #depression and poor mental health by their pre-migration experiences, post-migration conditions and all the horrors in between.

Libya: 30 dead in Tripoli militia clashes as rights groups warn refugees and migrants caught up in crossfire. '

Migrants in Libya tell their stories

Inside Italy's plot to infiltrate migrant rescue boats in the Mediterranean

About 3,000 refugees and migrants remain trapped in detention centres in Tripoli, according to the

Translation-Syrian refugees

Hundreds of migrants stranded in Libyan camps without food due to fighting – reports

More than 450 families whose houses have been flooded are taking shelter

Forces loyal to the internationally recognized Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) drive through Tripoli's old airport on April 8, 2019.

Italy gives Libya ships, equipment as more migrants reported lost

Migrants Captured In Libya Say They End Up Sold As Slaves

Time running out for evacuations of trapped refugees in Tripoli amid shooting

Every life counts

https://www.unhcr.org/news/press/2019/5/5ceff1144/unhcr-evacuates-hundreds-vulnerable- refugees-libya-safety.html …pic.twitter.com/V22nptAOgT

Nowhere to go: Remembering the plight of refugees

The migrants photographed here were being loaded on to a cargo plane in Kufra, located in southeastern Libya. Credit: Rebecca Murray/IPS

Emmaus aid workers offer help to refugee families in Velika Kladusa

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With terrorism and immigration being portrayed as two sides of the same coin, the refugee crisis has been dealt with as a threat to national security rather ...

... includes the detail that the EU-backed Libyan coastguard "rescued" another 276 refugees and migrants who were trying to escape Libya, & brought them ...

Yannis Behrakis: Pulitzer-winning photographer dies

Italy seizes refugee rescue ship accused of having contact with Libyan smugglers

Migrants are seen at the Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency in Tajora shelter center in Tripoli

Migrants are seen in the town of Bani Walid, Libya March 25, 2018. Picture taken March 25, 2018. REUTERS/Ismail Zitouny