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Theres something about bright yellow flowers that make me smile Not

Theres something about bright yellow flowers that make me smile Not


Theres something about bright yellow flowers that make me smile Not everyday is great but Theres

Yellow flowers with darker markings inside drooping from pale green stems.

Black-Eyed Susan

Five-petaled pale yellow flower with notches in petals.

The outcome is casual and soft. There's no need for fancy floral skills or perfection here… just focus on putting together something that makes you smile.

These flowers are for the happy-go-lucky type of person. They come in a variety of colors, including

a kalanchoe with fully open double yellow flowers in a white pot with yellow flowers sits

A dandelion as seen in three different phases.

schweinitzs sunflower

Round clusters of four-petaled yellow flowers.

There's something about them that makes me feel carefree and happy. It might just be because they're bright yellow though, I'm not sure.

There is now a follow-up to this story: How Canola Oil is Made (from plants grown locally)


Fresh: The FTD Flower Blog

Single bright yellow flower with many thin petals.

Image: miniaturepatisseriechef.blogspot.com


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Your next question is likely to be “Why does a plant bloom more if you remove old flowers?” In the grand scheme of things flowers are meant to ensure ...

There's just something about a bright yellow sunflower that makes me smile!

Dahlia flower

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A close of few of a clump of yellow black-eyed susan flowers in bloom

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canna spike with red flowers

There are many flowering perennials for the shade.

Bougainvilleas are flowering machines. You can't beat them for an explosion of color. Here you'll find care & growing tips for bougainvillea.


fern leaf bleeding heart perennial

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... scattered shrubs, trees, and perennials. I think this practice creates landscapes bleaker than the Mojave Desert. I am not antimulch: On the contrary, ...

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The gerbera daisy is native to south Africa and lush with bright colors and a happy beauty about it. These daisies are strong perennial plants with colors ...

Dalmation Peach foxglove

There's just something about a bright yellow sunflower that makes me smile!

A pink azalea bush covered in blossoms grows in a shady garden, beside a taller

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Asiatic Lilies

Known for their single petal bloom, calla lilies are a common cut flower given around Easter. These can be easily grown inside or outdoors.

Cosmos Flower

daylily double crown

Best Garden Ever. Choosing the right plants ...

Aster- The red aster, a symbol of undying devotion, is a popular bloom in Greek mythology. These daisy-like flowers have a long vase life when cut; in fact, ...



Dandelion flower to clock blowing away time lapse

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A closeup of a goldenrod flower. There are a few different ones so not all

Bunch of Mixed Carnations in White Vase

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... plant butterfly bush, even though many experts now consider the Asian import to be an invasive species? Simple: It's a truly tough shrub made beautiful ...

I realize that most of these photos are not “good” photos of flowers, but it doesn't change the fact that each one has a memory attached to them for me.

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Ragweed flowers.

Paphiopedilum Orchid Blooms

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A cluster of pink and yellow lantana flowers, with dark green leaves.

Yellow Flowers

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