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These Are the Worlds Most Miserable Economies Investments

These Are the Worlds Most Miserable Economies Investments


The World's Most Miserable Economy Has Seven-Figure Inflation - Bloomberg

These Are the World's Most Miserable Economies

These Are the World's Most Miserable Economies

If China is stripped out of the data, the weighted average for the rest of the emerging world is 3.9 per cent of GDP, markedly lower than the 4.8 per cent ...

2018's Growing and Shrinking Economies

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Image: KPMG South Africa Economics

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“Today, these countries are leading the charge when it comes to deployment, investment, policy innovation and cost reductions.”

Visualizing the Jobs Lost to Automation

21 things they never tell you about poor countries

More than a resource boom


A Decade of Grocery Prices for 30 Common Items

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The world's 9 most miserable economies, according to Bloomberg

These are the world's happiest (and most miserable) countries - BNN Bloomberg

The Countries Suffering Most From Low Oil Prices

The growth slowdown is being driven by low investment and profitability in most economies and in most sectors. Only the huge tech companies in the US have ...

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A customer counts Bolivar banknotes before purchasing coffee and sugar in the Petare slum of Caracas

emerging markets economic outlook 2019

Completing the top 10 are Mexico (+82), Vietnam (+77), Kazakhstan (+74), Papua New Guinea (+74), Indonesia (+68), India (+64), and Argentina and the ...


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These Are the World's 'Most Miserable' Economies

Fast forward: after implementing massive reforms, many of them very difficult labor market reforms, Spain is reaping the rewards in terms of higher economic ...

Venezuela – An Investment Opportunity of A Lifetime?!

Economists have argued that young people from low income families are less likely to invest in their own human capital development ...

Best books of 2018: Economics

Tech firms are suddenly the corporate world's biggest investors - Schumpeter

How Investment Made Singapore an Innovation Hub

Foreign direct investment: which countries get the most?

The top 20 happiest countries 2019

Where should I invest in 2017?

... world's two biggest economies. focuseconomics_china_us_may_2018.jpg


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“The federal government introduced several measures to increase business investment spending in Canada in response to U.S. tax changes such as its temporary ...


Investing is only ever based on best guesses. They might be very good guesses, using incredible analysis – fundamental or technical – but they are just that ...

How to learn from investment decisions gone wrong in the past

Here's a look at a bunch of investors who despite the tremendous influence they wield on the stock market are not thrilled with the limelight.

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Best investments for 2019

Investment winners and losers 10 years after the crash

“Millennials are persons born between 1981 and 1996, and there are a lot of them in North America. In Canada alone, there are more than seven million ...

Economic history of World War I

Beds are set up in the basement of the Petrovskiy neighborhood cultural centre where people have

Do the mobile apps we use the most make us unhappy

Print edition | Finance and economics


US aircraft manufacturing firms are making large profits : They expect this will continue in the

Latin America

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It is likely to fail to break out of the category of a 'middle-income' economy for the foreseeable future.

Emerging Markets Roundtable: Today's Pain Could Be Tomorrow's Gain

Development aid

Country's Score Over Time

Between-country cost differences, specialization, and trade.

Global Wellness Executive Summary

“Digital technologies accelerate the unbundling of jobs into tasks, making more white-collar and professional work amenable to being conducted online from ...

Why Indians are shifting from physical to financial assets, and why this bodes well for

U.S. state and private fixed investment per quarter: 2011-2016 (NIPA)

Four development paths

The Abu Dhabi skyline. Mubadala was created in 2017 by the merger of Abu Dhabi's

Education inequality remains prevalent in the world's richest countries

“Is it surprising then that the money, both black and white, continues to be siphoned out to countries with better and safer investment options?,” asks a ...

“Escaping the headlines, net foreign investment in Canadian financial securities has slowed precipitously in 2018. As of September, the year-to-date net ...

Figure 2 shows the net domestic capital investment (in USD billions) over the same period. The SVM focus has caused a divergence between corporate profits ...

Rodrik's political trilemma.

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Why is work making us miserable?

A drop in commodity prices was one of the biggest factors in the declining economic performance

Top Economics & Finance Blogs ...

How oil-rich Venezuela ended up with a miserable economy

How Apple Helped Create Ireland's Economies, Real and Fantastical

The money holders are ultimately the beneficiaries most affected by how the assets perform. They ...

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How the American economy conspires to keep wages down

Saudi Arabia invested $3.5 billion in Uber. That could be bad news for the global economy.

2017's upswing in capital expenditures largely reflected the energy sector's recovery as oil prices moved higher

... and population growth are factored in, we see that the major categories in public spending are all being cut, with the exception of public investment.

In order to rectify the situation, we firstly need to control our current account deficits by prioritising those sectors in the economy that build our ...