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This was pot luck Checked the ISS sightings for this night whilst

This was pot luck Checked the ISS sightings for this night whilst


This was pot luck. Checked the ISS sightings for this night whilst we were out

Shot last night around midnight at Tantallon. I can see lots more camping this summer

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China shares the first photo captured on the far side of the Moon

Black Brant XII Sounding Rocket Launched From Wallops

International Space Station sees strange object flash red and blue as it flies past | Daily Mail Online

The International Space Station makes two passes over Hollister California in this series of long exposure

Summer of Science

China shares the first photo captured on the far side of the Moon: Digital Photography Review

The camera time footage stamp is 1 hr off due to DST.

Summer of Science

A non-annotated version of the Sagittarius Spoon and Pluto on 06-29-

Another Russian rocket spiral lights up the sky

Hazy light on Loch an Eilein. Absolutely glorious. . . #lochaneilein #rothiemurcus

Report: UFO Sightings Coincide with Popular Sci-Fi Films, TV

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A golden cigar-shaped UFO was seen traveling alongside the International Space Station in live

iStock 640336024 min

August 7, 2015

russian_booster_again2. russian_booster_again2. TASS claims it hit the target ...

The extreme close-up on the moon focuses on the crater-marked surface of

Credit: Raymond Westheim Late night Noctilucent clouds outside Oss, Holland, July 3, 2014. Taken with

3-D Anaglyph of Cerealia Facula This ...

Increase In UFO Sightings Prompts Military Action

175 x 45 second exposures taken between 23:37 on June 5, 2014 and

Venus Meets the Pleiades — Come See!

8 Feb 2010 9:14am UTC ...


Portencross Pier at night, snow dusted Goatfell Arran in the background #portencross #portencrosspier

NASA's Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel Releases 2017 Annual Report. "

Pamela Marshall on Instagram: “Oldey but a goody! Shot in 2015! #stmonansharbour #anstruther #scotland #hiddenscotland #unlimitedscotland #instascotland ...

The last and most detailed image of Pluto sent to Earth before the flyby. Credit NASA

Pamela Marshall on Instagram: “Talisker Bay, absolutely stunning. #isleofskye #skye #taliskerbay #landscapephotography #photography #pentax #scotland ...

June 30, 2015

Pamela Marshall on Instagram: “Wishing I was on that boat! Except going the other way.. :) #caledonianmacbrayne #arranferry #isleofarran #visitscotland ...


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Image 1 from today is Glencoe Lochan looking absolutely glorious in the early morning sunshine!

UFO sightings increasing in Queensland, Australia, say researchers (Photos)

ESO 378-1, a bubble-shaped planetary nebula. Credit European Southern Observatory

Second of the four images provided by Malone.

I was set up taking another shot when I saw these guys stoating down the hill

iStock 659646084 min

In the course of just one year, a spacecraft observing Earth spotted hundreds of mysterious

Episode 3 – The Movies and Bloomies

Noctilucent clouds over the city of Rosmalen, Holland, July 3, 2014. Taken

He said that if the pictures were taken from indoors, the reflection of lights from within the building could be superimposed onto the image, ...

UFO sighting in Florida, Feb The photographer was just shooting the ventricular cloud formations when the ship revealed itself unexpectedly.

The Blackcap Warbler

Dawn took this photo of Occator Crater on Oct. 18, 2016, at an altitude of 920 miles (1,480 kilometers) in extended mission orbit 2.

iStock 520605459 min 1

August 17, 2015

While you were sleeping, drinking coffee, binging on Netflix or otherwise unaware of what was happening in the atmosphere, China and Russia were ...

Astrophoto: Lovely Crescent Venus by John Chumack

Hazy light on Loch an Eilein. Absolutely glorious. . . #lochaneilein #rothiemurcus #aviemore #cairngormsnationalpark #visitscotland…

It's a sister thing


Is the Universe a Hologram?

Be Considerate (and Obey the Law)

War in the Shadows

Quetzaltenang — We were going through the area of sighting when we turned up and noticed a light.


The Atacama Pathfinder Experiment (APEX) telescope on the hunt. Image credit: ESO


A Shroud of Dark Matter Engulfs the Milky Way

In 1969, US President Richard Nixon greets the Apollo 11 crew, who have just returned ...

Yeah, it should: these reports are almost exactly like a spiral shaped light seen over Norway last year. The Norway sighting — a picture of it is below, ...

De Extremely Large Telescope. De telescoop moet in 2024 de ogen openen.

Elon Musk's grandparents were adventuring pilots who spent years looking for a lost city in the desert | South China Morning Post

Conjunction between the planets Venus(top) and Jupiter (bottom) as seen from

Tales from the Charley Project highlight strange disappearances from an older, eerier America.

artwork by Charles Geer

The idea of alien moon bases has remained ever-present in our culture, following the realization that Earth's extremities might serve as strategic points of ...


The Soyuz TMA-19 spacecraft blasts off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. (Photo: NASA TV)

25 respostes 83 retuits A 804 els agrada

An ISS pass over Denmark, Maine. Image credit: David Dickinson

Giant spaceships to attack December 2012?

Filer's Files Worldwide Reports of UFO Sightings.pdf | Unidentified Flying Object | Aircraft

European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope in the Atacama Desert, Chile.

July 15, 2015


... could be added to the sampling bags as bait, and when the bags were exposed to ...


Women sitting on a promenade in Mumbai

Find a Spot With a View

Supernova ...

The summer season means long days and short nights, as observers in the northern hemisphere must stay up later each evening waiting for darkness to fall. It ...

July 15, 2015

Regina Leader-Post: Thirty years of climate (in)action

Good times with a chance of night riding

The Coming of Cthulu

Red Road Flats Demolition #pentax #redroad #glasgow #scotland #scotspirit #editorialphotography

We might be able to see Cygnus in orbit as it catches up to the ISS but viewing details will have to wait until launch and orbit. Good luck!

- watch free online documentaries - ihavenotv.com

Irish authorities investigate UFO sightings by commercial pilots