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Trump Justice Department Crosses New Line Charges Assange With

Trump Justice Department Crosses New Line Charges Assange With


Daniel Leal-Olivas/Getty. In a stunning escalation of the Trump administration's war on the press, the Justice Department has indicted WikiLeaks ...

How the new Assange indictment 'crosses a bright red line for journalists' - The Washington Post

Prosecuting Julian Assange for Espionage Is a Coup Attempt Against the First Amendment

Buildings are reflected in the window as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is taken from court,

What the new charges against Julian Assange mean for free speech

WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange, in a prison van, as he leaves Southwark

WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange indicted on 17 new charges under Espionage Act

How the Trump Administration Stepped Up Pursuit of WikiLeaks's AssangeHow the Trump Administration Stepped Up Pursuit of WikiLeaks's Assange

WiiLeaks founder Julian Assange gestures to the media upon arriving at a London court in April 2019 following his arrest. Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Betsy Woodruff

How the Trump Administration Stepped Up Pursuit of WikiLeaks's AssangeHow the Trump Administration Stepped Up Pursuit of WikiLeaks's Assange

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks published information that was damaging to the Democratic Party and to Hillary Clinton in 2016, timing the releases for maximum ...

Julian Assange, a Man Without a Country

WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange indicted on 17 new charges under Espionage Act

Julian Assange

Anchor blasts Trump DOJ Assange indictment: Risks press freedom

Julian Assange clearly believed that a Trump Presidency would benefit him, and yet it was the Trump Administration that sought to redefine WikiLeaks as a “ ...

Julian Assange: Why is the Wikileaks co-founder a wanted man?

Julian Assange from a police vehicle on his arrival at Westminster Magistrates court on April 11, 2019 in London, England. Among the charges are three ...

Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks

Julian Assange puts his fist up as he is taken from court in London on May 1. (Matt Dunham/AP)

Julian Assange: Sweden files request for arrest over rape allegation


New charges put additional pressure on Assange, whom the U.S. is trying to extradite from the U.K.

Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange speaks from the Ecuador Embassy after Sweden's director of public prosecutions

Prosecutors from the special counsel's office have said that Paul Manafort breached his plea agreement by lying to them after he agreed to cooperate with ...

The Mueller Report Is Clear: Donald Trump Repeatedly Tried to Obstruct Justice

For more than a year, the nation's spies and investigators sought to learn about Assange

Shadow Players: Erik Prince, Julian Assange, and the Bizarre World of Trump

Does Trump still love Wikileaks... or what?

Julian Assange in 2010 in London. Mr. Assange's creation of WikiLeaks helped empower a generation of whistle-blowers and disgruntled insiders who could ...

Kevin Poulsen

DOJ reportedly preparing to indict WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange - Business Insider

The US charges against Julian Assange

5 times Trump praised WikiLeaks during his 2016 election campaign

Julian Assange in a police car after being arrested. Photo: Jack Taylor/Getty Images. The Justice Department ...

Image. President Trump may have established a significant precedent by demanding an inquiry by the Justice Department.

Steve Vladeck: Trump administration's Assange indictment is a referendum on the Constitution

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, greets supporters before addressing them and reporters from a balcony at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in 2017.

Margaret Sullivan: Assange's indictment 'crosses a bright red line for journalists'

Assange lawyer on spying charges: 'A grave threat to freedom of speech'

Trump's Justice Department Uses Julian Assange as Stalking Horse to Make Journalism a Crime

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is seen as he leaves a police station in London on April 11, 2019. Peter Nicholls/Reuters. The Justice Department's ...

The bounds of what Southern District of New York is looking at don't deal with President Donald Trump's tenure in the White House, meaning any push back on ...

President Donald Trump on the South Lawn of the White House on April 6. (Alex Brandon/AP)

FILE PHOTO: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is seen on the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy

Image. “

In this image, Julian Assange looks out a vehicle window.

Charging Julian Assange With Espionage Could Make His Extradition to the U.S. Less Likely


Donald Trump and Criminal Conspiracy Law

Julian Assange: WikiLeaks founder rejects deal allowing him to leave Ecuador embassy in London after six years

Julian Assange sports long hair and a beard in a December video conference. Photo:

Trump can't run the Mueller playbook on New York feds

Margaret Sullivan

Mueller report findings: Mueller rejects argument that Trump is shielded from obstruction laws

You Don't Have to Love Assange to Fear His Prosecution. It turns out the DOJ ...

The D.N.C.'s Lawsuit Against Russia and the Trump Campaign Isn't a Bad Idea

Trump's all-or-nothing ACA gamble

Julian Assange gestures to the media from a police vehicle on his arrival at Westminster Magistrates court on April 11, 2019. (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty ...

Roger Stone, a longtime adviser to President Donald Trump, departs the U.S. District Courthouse after an arraignment hearing for charges of obstruction and ...

Julian Assange arrest: Why free speech advocates are worried

Trump lashes out after Roger Stone's arrest: 'Human Traffickers are treated better'

In Leaked Chats, WikiLeaks Discusses Preference for GOP Over Clinton, Russia, Trolling, and Feminists They Don't Like

Arrest of WikiLeaks founder Assange is a 'priority', says US Attorney General, as reports say charges loom | South China Morning Post

Trump dismisses fears Assange case signals effort to stifle media

Chelsea Manning appeared on CNN's "Reliable Sources" for her first interview after being released from jail. Twitter/@Reliable Sources

Trump administration attacks First Amendment with Assange charges

U.S. Charges Julian Assange With ... Well, What Exactly?

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Chelsea Manning jailed again as she refuses to testify before grand jury

AP probe hints at Julian Assange's budding ties with Russia

Julian Assange gives a wink and a thumbs up from inside a police van

US President Donald Trump walks to Marine One prior to departure the White House on 16

Roger Stone wants to put Assange on the stand

What's Really Behind Julian Assange's Arrest

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - MAY 19: Julian Assange speaks to the media from the

Did Trump commit witness tampering by tweet? I asked 9 legal experts.

Justice department official in line to succeed Rod Rosenstein overseeing Trump-Russia probe is leaving

The indictment of Julian Assange unsealed today by the Trump Justice Department poses grave threats to press freedoms, not only in the US but around the ...

Lefties loved them some Julian Assange before 2016, now not so much.

U.S. charges Julian Assange with new counts of Espionage Act violations

What the new Espionage Act charges against Julian Assange could mean for free speech | South China Morning Post

Remember WikiLeaks? The maverick publisher that won infamy dumping the raw material of war crimes, corporate malfeasance and diplomatic bastardry into the ...

The problem of journalistic demarcation is no less ideologically motivated and, through their effort to

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Democrats accuse Assange of being a tool for Russian intelligence, but it remains unclear if he'll face charges over publishing hacked DNC emails

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