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US Treasury Reimburses Man for 500 in Cash That His Dog Ate

US Treasury Reimburses Man for 500 in Cash That His Dog Ate



Government reimburses man after dog eats $400

Treasury Reimburses Man for $500 His Dog Ate

Treasury reimburses dog owner whose pet ate $500

Klinkel then took the money to the bank, because of course.

Five months later, the goverment finally responded. On Monday, Wayne Klinkel went to the mail box and saw a check. A green and gold one. Worth $500.

Montana man gets $500 back from government that his dog ate

Man Gets Reimbursed By US Treasury for Dog-Digested Bills

Then he went to the Federal Reserve, which accepted the money, politely said it would look into the matter, then cut all communications.

Owner Retrieves His Cash After His Dog Ate $500

What happens when the dog is hungry for cash

Yum: The Montana golden retriever munched his way through five $100 bills on a road


Via the Independent Record

Man Reimbursed by Government After Dog Ate $500

The dog's owner says he picked through the dog's droppings, washed the remnants of the bills, and taped them together


Call Kurtis: How Can I Get Reimbursed For Mutilated Money?

My dog ate my cash: Christy and Joe Lawrenson have written to the Department of Treasury with pictures as proof in the hope of being reimbursed for the cash ...

Gov't Reimburses Man For 'Mutt-ilated' Currency

Government reimburses Montana man Wayne Klinkel for 'mutt-ilated' currency

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