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Uncle Al and the Teenyboppers OMGDo you remember that

Uncle Al and the Teenyboppers OMGDo you remember that


"Uncle Al and the Teenyboppers. "

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Favoritr tv show as a kid!!! Such a blast from the 80's :Danger Bay - sweet Canadian programming.

Teen Beat Magazine with Kirk Cameron on the cover *swoon*!

The band was likely to have not yet "recorded" anything for Roulette (they bought or stole the hit record Snap master, not a tape, even), they did not have ...

Kate and Allie. Al K

Family Matters, Full House, Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Only thing I didn't watch was Mr. Belvedere and Just the Ten of Us (never heard of JTTOU).

Kids Inc. Miss The Old Days, Those Were The Days, The Good Old

John Stamos -- I remember this issue because I liked all three of those boys!

Teen Wolf Season 4 Premiere Review: Y Tu Monster Tambien (PHOTO RECAP)

Group portrait – l. to r. Will MacCalder, Bob Dann, Roland Hardie (front), Bill Hardie, Dennis Petruk, February 1967 photographer unknown, courtesy Rob ...

You can't say American Idol didn't bring out all the right ingredients for its “Get the Party Started”-themed Top 11 performance episode.

Liddle Kiddles Matel Dolls ~ what a great collection! Lisa Rossi · OMG...Do you remember ...

These were awesome when I was little... Troll Dolls, Childhood Toys,

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Joey Mcintyre, Love To Meet, My True Love, Love You Forever,

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Issue 02 | Too Jaded to be Faded

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Highlights - I couldn't wait to get mine in the mail. Highlights Magazine

And yet that musical Chucky doll — the one with a lower register that evaporates like steam on a bathroom window, and who actually said on camera that he ...

Much as "old lady" in particular is a debatable term (most often associated with retro scents that smell powdery, perfume-y, mossy and full of soapy ...

Embarrassingly enough, this is an #NKOTB #flowchart The Right Stuff, Stuck In

Regardless ...


Stiles and Lydia were clearly on a mission, so that's why they talked about being on a mission for a few minutes. I think maybe they sat in silence on the ...

10 things i hate about you

... and you'll find that San Diego's KGB survey offered up a wide variety of music in 1972. The Top Ten features hits by The Osmonds (teeny-bopper pop), ...

I don't make hormonal sexual comments about their physical attractiveness, nor do I voice my sexual fantasies about what I would do to them if given a ...

Surf Side 5 LP Recorded Live cover to the original pressing

... Karaoke Sheffield Arena Stage

both times when I was around 18. And as so happens in youth, I don't even remember my character being in the show!!

Do I miss alcohol? Oh, absolutely! My wife doesn't. She's glad I'm no longer drinking and I can't blame her because I did it to ...

Vintage 1972 Fisher Price Music Box Pocket Radio Pop Goes The Weasel 775 | eBay Fisher

Ta-ta for now from the Free State of PIG.

The lyrics Shefsky presented to us to put to music was, for me, almost a joke. I discussed this with Bryan on the way back and he agreed.

iHeart is the largest radio broadcasting company in the WORLD. They also have a very large debt of $30 Billion. Many people can't imagine how large it is ...

Baroness Von Sketch


-You can give me some weird, ugly chord change, and I'll turn it into a pop song. I can't help it. I just really love that stuff.


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advertisement for “Alone In My Room” (l. to r. Roland Hardie, Bill Hardie, Will MacCalder, Bryan Nelson, Bob Dann) – Edmonton Journal, 18 November 1967

There is a high school level theatre company that auditions students from the Indianapolis area to apart of ...

It can't be easy to ...

Images tagged "andy-samberg"

One hundred questions (incomplete)

But then they gained entry to a secret underground club by showing this thing to the security camera:

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix)



Anyway, then one of those Mexican hunters came and found them and brought them to their mother, ...

Other kids were buying Tool and Nirvana and I was buying the Cars and Psychedelic Furs. I was pretty alienated as a kid. - I've been to some beautiful ...

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Vern Wills and Will MacCalder on stage, 1969

If ...

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Surf Side 5 LP Recorded Live cover

Will MacCalder through a prism lens, 1968


left to right, Miki, Helen, Papa, Ralph, Mama Menezes, Lucila and Tom. They were the pioneers of jazz music in Sri Lanka. [sent in by Helen Menzes in ...

pizza hut book it

Titans (DC Universe)

Johnny Cash, Hank Jr, Audrey and Jimmie Davis at the DJ Convention in Nashville, Tennessee in 1958.



ADVENTURES WITH DAD: A Father and Daughter's Journey Through a Senior Acting Class. "

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Facebook, who claims to be a private entity, is quite literally made up of and advised by dozens of members of government. We're ready for a change, are ...

I'm sure people are going to complain at me about this · ‹‹

Star Trek: Discovery

Privileged Rich Rocker Paul McCartney Can't Understand Climate Denial

... The Joss Dickie's Karaoke ...

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Great grandfather of Yahhya Adhnan, Uncle of Rizly Illyas Janaza leaving residence, No 53 Davidson Road at 6.30 pm today to Dehiwala Jumma Masjid.

File (hide): 1539206026261.jpeg (176.23 KB, 750x955, B067D1F4-3B1F-47F7-A515-24D517…)

Here's ...

What did you think of Detective Pikachu?

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