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Union Crossroads of War 1800s Mens Fashion America civil war

Union Crossroads of War 1800s Mens Fashion America civil war


Union | Crossroads of War

A soldier in the Civil War, guessing to be artillery by the collar piping.

The American Civil War ended 150 years ago, in the year 1865. Montgomery County sent almost 3,000 men to war, defending the Union and freedom in this long ...

Photo Source: From Carlisle Military History Institute via To look like men of war: visual transformation narratives of African American Union Soldiers; ...

The common soldier of the Civil War varied greatly. Most were farmers, aged 18 to 29. Most were white protestants though African Americans made up roughly ...

George B. McClellan

Hayes_Civil_War Tall. Hayes during the Civil War.

A most polarizing figure of the Civil War era,born:July13,1821inChapel Hill TN.Forrest moved to the MemphisDelta+ eventually became a successful businessman ...

African American Soldier Boy

Union Soldiers posed in front of flag, plate tintype. Stephen Carpenter · American Civil War

Confederate General Albert S. Johnston

Clarissa Harlowe 'Clara' Barton MD) nurse, patent clerk, teacher, humanitarian & founder of American Red Cross. DAVE FRETT · Union States Civil War

James Longstreet

U.S. Civil War Research

The uniforms for the soldiers of the Civil War are generalized between the blue for the Union and grey for Confederates, but there were many variations ...

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Union | Crossroads of War

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Why the South Lost the Civil War – Cover Page: February '99 American History Feature

Basking Robbins: In 1891, Robbins struck up a friendship with former East Woods foe John Gould of the 10th Maine. (Alabama Department of Archives)

The Wilderness

Sherman's March To The Sea

Coffee And A Cigar Union Corporal Civil War Art Print

Why the South Lost the Civil War - Cover Page: February '99 American History Feature

Belle Boyd #firstladies #first #ladies #civil #wars Civil War Fashion,

In the drama of the Civil War, Confederate general Robert E. Lee played a leading role. His splendid bearing and battlefield dexterity gave him iconic ...

Black Union Soldier and Family, Civil War, c. 1863 - Stock Image

Civil War

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The Blue and the Gray Reunion - 1910. From collection C3825 folder 7571 #7

Sam Watkins

... Mary Shellman placing a flag and flowers on the grave of a Union soldier in Westminster

David Hunter (1802-1886) was a Union general in the American Civil War. He achieved fame by his unauthorized 1862 order, immediately rescinded, ...

Hard Images. Tree Priestess · Civil War Photos

Between the years of 1861 and 1865 the United States was divided as a nation, into the confederate forces of the United States, and the Union of the United ...

Colonel Hiram Berdan, a prewar marksmanship champion, decided in 1861 to recruit the best


Members of the Pickett G.A.R. post in Winfield, Carroll County, MD, c.

Slavery and Nineteenth-Century Globalization

None of the campaigns were successful for the Union. Here's a run-down of what happened.

The colonel's diary; journals kept before and during the civil war by the late Colonel Oscar L. Jackson...sometime commander of the 63rd regiment O. V. I .

Samuel Houston

American Civil War Clothes - This Civil War uniform was worn by the Union infantry. Mass-production of men's clothing began due to the Civil War and the use ...

Fort Sanders Battle. Civil War. Fort Sanders

Nathaniel Rollins Diary excerpts from Gettysburg Battlefield, June 30-July 6, 1863

Grant's Overland Campaign, 150 Years Ago

in the Civil War

Civil War Veteran's Reunion. From collection C3825 folder 7571 #6.

The picture of Joseph Pierce in Union uniform. Courtesy of the owner of the picture, Michael J. McAfee, Senior Editor of the Military Images magazine and ...

was American clergyman, and the planner and president of the United States Sanitary Commission, the leading soldiers' aid society, during the American Civil ...

Political Map of the United States in 1850

The terrain at Brice's Crossroads consisted mainly of thickets of blackjack oak like that below, interspersed by cleared farm fields like that above.

Soldiers at camp during the American Civil War.

During the Civil War, Salyersville was, according to a contemporary source, "a one store, cross-roads town, with a blacksmith shop and about 20 inhabitants" ...

... Sketch of the dedication of Antietam National Cemetery on September 17, 1867 (Frank Leslie's

Timothy Webster, one of the country's greatest Civil War spies, met a hard but

Atlanta in the Civil War

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Buffalo Soldiers, the nickname given to African-American cavalrymen by the native Americans they

American Civil War

J.E.B. Stuart

Figure 3: The Fort Monroe Three: Runaway slaves Frank Baker, James Townsend and Sheppard Mallory meet with Union General Benjamin Butler at Fort Monroe, ...


Jay Cooke was a prominent American banker and a principal financier of the Union military effort during the American Civil War.

"Bloody" Bill Anderson, ca. 1863 or 1864. Guerrilla warfare on the. “

Memorialize This

Battle of Vienna, Virginia

Sturgis was marching in a southeastern direction from the Hatchie crossing toward Guntown, a stop on the Mobile & Ohio Railroad leading south from Corinth, ...

Civil War St. Louis (Modern War Studies (Paperback)) New edition Edition

Red Cloud and American Horse – two of the most renowned Ogala chiefs – are seen

Presidents' Day pause: How 'Uncle Sam's Web-feet' helped swing an election for Abe Lincoln

Parker's Cross Roads

Family Reunited American Civil War End of the War Confederate & Union Soldiers (2)

American CIvil War Battles List.jpg

John Beck

1864-AbrahamLincoln. President Abraham Lincoln was three years invested into the Civil War ...

Civil War

American Civil War. Union Army. The camp kitchen of the 2nd New York Regiment

Causes. There were numerous causes that led to the Civil War ...

After the Civil War, William Gurney, who had commanded the Union garrison in Charleston in 1865, stayed and became Charleston's county treasurer.

Suffragette Vida Goldstein became the first Australian to meet an American president at the White House. NLA

North Carolina Civil War Battles.jpg

Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard

People in other nations could see that the massive struggle in the United States embodied conflicts that had been appearing in different forms throughout ...

The Battle of Brice's Crossroads, fought on June 10, 1864, in northern Mississippi was Confederate cavalryman Nathan Bedford Forrest's tactical masterpiece ...

Map of Texas Coast Naval Engagement with Union Maj. Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks

At the Ready American Civil War Quartermaster Sergeant Union Cavalry 1/35 Masterbox

Bloody Bill Anderson, taken after his death on October 27, 1864, in Richmond

William Eastin English, circa 1880s. The son of William H. English, William

The forgotten Irish soldiers who fought for Britain in the first world war | World news | The Guardian

Johnsonville Battle. Civil War. Johnsonville

Tom Torlino, a member of the Navajo Nation, entered the Carlisle Indian School,