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Viking Yule How the Vikings Celebrate their Christmas All Viking

Viking Yule How the Vikings Celebrate their Christmas All Viking


Viking Christmas celebration

Viking Yule: How the Vikings Celebrate their Christmas We might know that the Vikings had festivals resembling Halloween. It is the Alfablot and the ...

... the The Vikings also celebrated Christmas with Christmas trees

The difference between Odin and Santa Claus

Decorating in Viking times: Original Christmas Tree was a Pagan Ceremony. It is also in the Bible as one of the Pagan Rituals n…

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What was the Heathen Yule concerned with, as a religious celebration?

Is Santa actually Odin? Norse (Yule) Origins of Christmas – Sons of Vikings

Carrying on the old (Norse) traditions!

There are similarities between the Viking Yule Celebration and the modern Christmast celebration

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Yule celebrations in the great hall. When looking at the Viking ...

What was the Heathen Yule concerned with, as a religious celebration?

Christmas Traditions from the Vikings

How Viqeens and Vikings celebrated Yuletide a thousand years ago. Soldiser Yule Celebration

So today is the Winter Solstice, and the world has not even ended! A new cycle has begun, and it appears that this year, it is not only the new year cycle, ...

Viking Yule | happy yule | Viking Eddas & Sagas

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The Vikings believe the mistletoe has the power to resurrect people which is why we still use it today in our Christmas traditions.

... death-like stillness, darkness and coldness – all attributes associated with death, Hel and the Underworld. It is also a time of Night. From Norse ...

Celebrate Yule Like a Viking

A Very Viking Christmas (Tree)

Many pre-industrial cultures marked and celebrated the winter and summer solstices (as well as the autumnal and spring equinoxes). This was done both as a ...

Yule or Yuletide (“Yule time”) is a pagan religious festival observed by the historical Germanic peoples, later being absorbed into and equated with the ...

We wanted to share the Yule Celebration of the Norse/ Vikings and where Christmas got some of its traditions. Check out the similarities.

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Julebukk: Norse Yule Goat Julebukk (Yule goat) is a Norse Yule/Christmas symbol and tradition prevalent in Nordic countries, with modern representations ...

So, how can you celebrate Yule in modern times and still feel like a Viking while you're at it?

Viking Christmas Cards by TheFlyingViper on DeviantArt

Yule goat in the Viking Yule celebration

Artist's impression of a Christmas market.

When looking at the Viking pagan religion, we have to go back at least 1000 years, which makes it dificult to exactly verify most conclusions today's ...

VIKING YULE by Tyr Neilsen

The Vikings celebrated Yule. It was a 12 Day celebration beginning on Winter solstice Dec. 21 & lasted until Jan. 1. (Keep watching our page more to come)

Have a Merry Viking Christmas

A Viking Feast

I myself grew up with Icelandic traditions in the Yuletide, where I placed my shoe in the windowsill 13 days before Christmas. It was during these days that ...

Yule Goat Is A Scandinavian Christmas Tradition Based On Norse Legends And Worship Of God Thor

'Decorating for Christmas' by Alfred W. Cooper (1854)

Viking Yule | Set of Four Viking, Heathen, Asatru Symbols Yule/Winter Solstice .


I see people excited about Christmas - getting out the tree, wreaths, logs, gifts, mistletoe, and etc... but I wonder how many people ...

Yule need to celebrate

The Wolves Pursuing Sol and Mani

The ...

Viking yule celebration

Christmas Traditions from the Vikings

Yule Marking the Shortest Day of the Year - Viking Dragon Blogs

Christmas has been celebrated in many ways in Scotland over time with December 25 only declared

Why not make your school Christmas party a real Viking event? The Frost Father costume is available for hire. The costume consists of:

As the days of Yule slowly moved towards the day when one could surely celebrate the successful rebirth of the Sun, the great three day banquet of the Yule ...

The Dockyards

Yule Goat – Julbock

Inspired by the Viking warrior Sigurd, they have created a whisky as bold and as unconventional as he was.

We also offer Viking Jewelry, Drink Horns and more at: Sons of Vikings.

Yule Elf Viking Godmask Laptop Sleeve


Yule Goat

Anyone else celebrating Yule this winter? 'Yule' not regret it if you do

Drinking Horn: Important Yule Symbol And Its Connection To Biblical Magi And Christmas

Take a seat for the banquet!

Did you know that many traditions associated with Christmas actually originated within the Viking celebration of Yule?

To further my obsession with Vikings, I'd like to share a few Old Norse customs that are still celebrated. Yule was celebrated in Northern Europe long ...

Glühbier, Jólöl, and Ale Brewing Viking Women

Yule Elf Viking Godmask Hardcover Journal

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Viking Christmas celebrations at Maritime Museum

Vikings invade the Houses of Parliament in London (Photo: Carl Court/Getty Images

Photo of a Yule Log by Wanye Camlin: http://www.flickr

Yule Elf Viking Godmask Baseball T-Shirt

... and on the first day of this month a feast is held called Winter blót. This feast is to honor the God Freyr, and thank him for the harvest.

Was everybody's Yule celebrated well? It can be difficult this time of year not to

Play some Viking games. The tabletop strategy game Hnefatafl is an obvious choice, but why not pick up a copy of Don't Fall in the Mead Hall for future ...

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During December it's not uncommon to see a stressed Norwegian running around looking for Christmas gifts, preparing Christmas cakes (7 in total) and, ...


Yule Goat

Woolen Viking Coat | Yule edition. Available in: red wool, black wool, bottle green wool, red wine wool, dark blue wool :: by medieval store ArmStreet

"I'm the best there is at what I do, and what I · “

Yule (Jól) is now considered to be a Christian holiday by many Scandinavians. The mischievous Norse "nisse" and the 13 scary Yule-lads from Icelandic ...

Norse Yule | Thread: Christmas, The VIKING Way

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Yule Elf Viking Godmask Tapestry

In folklore and later Yule traditions, the original heathen element of these spirits and souls of the land and of the Underworld, may have been taken over ...

A Guide to Celebrating the 12 Days of Yule (Heathen-style!):

The Yule Goat with Elves / Gnomes - Viking Dragon Blogs

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Yule before Jesus

A Renaissance celebration at Stirling Castle

Viking Wisdom Hávamál The Sayings of Odin

Old ways of yule