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The Stubborn Gardener | GENERAL DAYLILY & HYBRIDIZING ARTICLES | Garden, Plants, Day lilies

*Heritage China. Stamile. 1989. Dormant. 27"-6". 3 branches. 25 buds. EM. Large ivory self. Excellent plant and scapes. Flowers are very large and showy.

The varied hues of yellow in the early daylilies contrast nicely with the blues, purples and whites of Siberian Iris, Campanulas , Tradescantia, ...

A modern Hemerocallis cultivar, 'This Side of Paradise', showing the... | Download Scientific Diagram

*Hallie's Smile.

BREEDING RRUST RESISTANT WHITES Day Lilies, Pretty Flowers, Planting Flowers, Plants, Beautiful

Heavenly Snow Bird.

*High Cliff.

Hyperion' An old variety from the 1920s, 'Hyperion' is a classic for

The varied hues of yellow in the early daylilies contrast nicely with the blues, purples and whites of Siberian Iris, Campanulas , Tradescantia, ...

Tetraploid. 30"-6". M. Fragrant. 25 buds. 4 branches. Red with white watermark and midrib. This cultivar has one of the largest ruffled edges of gold that ...

Hemerocallis (Daylilly): There is nothing easier to grow than a daylily. It comes back faithfully every year with gently arching long blades of foliage.


Banks and Slopes

*Head Hunter. Gossard. 2013. Dormant. Tetraploid. 68"-5.5". Fragrant. 22 buds. 5 branches. Red with a darker red eyezone and yellow-green throat.

lemon yellow daylilies - Montreal Botanical Garden - Frame To Frame Bob & Jean

It's such a beautiful iris; is it any wonder that Loreley is still grown over 100 years after her introduction?

BMOC – Big Yellow Mystery Daffodil Thrives in Zone 8b/9a Louisiana

May 2017

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English Ivy plants growing on walls

Tips for growing daylilies

Rain LilyAtamasco lily

Garden Wise : Non-Invasive Plants for Your Garden by Alison Halpern et al., 2019

Plants For Hardiness 12, Flowers For Hardiness 12, Perennials For Hardiness 12, Annuals


Rare wild orchids thrive despite harsh, dry winter in Western Australia

*Heal Thy Spirit.

The Sarcochilus Orchid: Spectacular Flowering and Easy to Grow

Monsieur Jules Elie peony

Species:Iris douglasiana. Family:Iridaceae Common Name:Iris Location:cv 'Canyon Snow' low herb, white fls - Engineering VI, W side

Scarlet daylily - Montreal Botanical Garden - Frame To Frame Bob & Jean

July is the big month for daylilies. After the familiar orange native variety finishes their bloom, cultivars such as the daylilies in the top photo take ...


Swamp HibiscusHibiscus coccineus

A Head Gardener's Tips for Growing and Enjoying Glads

Help, I have no idea what this is growing in my back yard!

Add compost to the soil when planting and allow leaf litter to decompose around the roots. Root rot can occur in clay soil or standing water.

Plants For Hardiness 10, Flowers For Hardiness 10, Perennials For Hardiness 10, Annuals

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Iberis "Tahoe"

Americana 1920 Plants Ornamental.jpg

Hemerocallis red ribbons

Photo courtesy 'Old House Gardens' to Idyllwild Garden Club, Harold Voorheis

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Terry and Margaretha Graham's elegant Coatesville garden features wall-to-wall planting.

Belgian has over 1200 varieties of perennials, including Hosta, Hemerocallis (Daylilies), Astilbe, Butterfly Bush, Campanula, Heuchera (Coral Bells), ...

I found this gorgeous Paeonia mascula at the edges of the Alpine Rock Garden.

There are three types of Wisteria: Japanese, Chinese and American. The first two are invasive, the third, not as much. I'm not sure what we have here, ...

*Harmony Ruffles. Reckamp-Klehm. 2003. Dormant. Tetraploid. 30"-5.5". L. Soft cream and light pink blend above a green throat. Flowers have wonderful lemon ...

2 Wild populations of H. citrina growing on cliff faces of Mount.

Japan - Lilies Galore

Branches and blossoms of trees differ from the Language of Flowers, though some varieties may appear in it. Trees have their own language, blossoms are a ...

Perennials add beauty to a garden each year...and some offer the extra

Their concept was to cultivate only indigenous plants, with no watering during the dry season.

Belladonna Lily, White

Salvia dorrii, Dorr's sage, Mint sage, Purple sage, Desert Purple Sage flowers

Wild freesias, common to the north of the island.

Campanula rapunculoides

Herbaceous Border. '

In 1848, at the height of the planting operations, she spent a record 123 days on the estate so as to see as much of him as possible.”

I wished I had time to keep walking to the Australia Garden, but I was curious to check on the aloes. So I headed back via the Desert Display Garden…

Species:Penstemon hybrid. Family:Plantaginaceae Common Name:Penstemon Location:herb, narrow opposite lvs, red tubular fls - W side of Medical Plaza 100 Bldg

Plants for Wall-Side Borders, Perennials for Wall-Side Borders, Annuals for

Lamium (sometimes sold as "spotted dead nettle") is shown here (eighth down) growing beside the newly reconstructed stone and gravel path.

Proven Winners 2019 Must See Plants

Takeshi, me, and the village crew hiking around Dang Jiashan village, Shaanxi Province

Nerines November

Spain Pomegranate Flower

Colorful Bromeliad Plants Growing in a Rock Garden. Shades of Yellow, Red and Purple

Heuchera and Heucherella: These plants are wonderful colorful additions to a shady area. While they have tiny bell-shaped flowers on wand-like stems, ...


Along with growing thousands of our own perennials, new plants arrive from five different growers every week. Come and explore our Perennial Centre to see ...


Daylily: Hemerocallis fulva – NB not all lilies are edible – you need this type

*Honey Badger.

a tiny bouquet from the wildflower patch Loooooove

Pale yellow and wine Daylilies - Montreal Botanical Garden - Frame To Frame Bob & Jean

Go to your local garden center, and you'll probably find, well, you probably won't find pussy willow at all. Garden centers have a hard time selling very ...

The cliffside habitat of Mammillaria plumosa in Huasteca Canyon. Photo by John Trager.

Quick View Hemerocallis - Calico Jack Daylily

Fertilising and caring for daylilies - Identify the right fertiliser and correct method of caring for daylilies, especially when growing daylilies in ...

Bill Doheny in his Wild Yard


Side of a mountain - Stock Image


Mosaic or broken flowers are a result from aphids or a virus. Once they appear and the pattern can be repeated, they are cultivated. I grow such one.

Our Recipe for a Healthy Lawn