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What Can I See in Summer Interactive Adapted Books Adapted Books

What Can I See in Summer Interactive Adapted Books Adapted Books


There are 2 levels included for these summer interactive books. Students work on matching and. Visit

Summer Interactive Books - Sunglasses, Sunglasses What Do You See? Book for summer speech therapy and preschool autism special education classes.


Great summer vocabulary with words and pictures. Even nonreaders can read using these books and can be engaged in literacy activities.

You know how much I love adapted and interactive books for teaching a variety of skills and to help in generalizing instruction from explicit instruction ...

This summer adapted book is a great five senses activity for your special education classroom This

Ocean Animals Interactive Book - Preschool Speech Therapy Summer and Extended School Year Activity Preschool Special Education

Brushing Teeth Sequencing Adapted Book

Summer Interactive Books (Adapted Books For Special Education & ESY Programs)

... Interactive Books in the classroom. Untitled design (12)

This Spring Bugs, What Do You See is the second interactive book I've gotten from The Language Ladies SLP. I love the repetitive rhythm of this book and I ...

Adapted Books Within the Classroom!

Adapted Book

If you see something you like but bugs are not your kid's jam-check out the seller to see what else ...

Interactive Books for Preschoolers and Toddlers Language Development Circle Time Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, Vehicles, Community Helpers, many language ...

These books can be used with a variety of learners for basic clothing vocabulary in a variety of ways.

Brushing Teeth Sequencing Adapted Book

Colors and Counting Adapted Books Bundle

How to Grow a Reader

tactile book page "around"

A lesson Guideline: I have included a guideline with all of my Adapted Book Units as an at-a-glance view of what the unit includes.

I know that in a special education setting, differentiated and interactive activities are a MUST! Because of this, I included adapted books, file folders, ...

Making Inferences Adapted Books Growing Bundle

From novels anchored in the mess of Brexit to non-fiction discussing the vices and virtues of social media

Intro to Adapted Books

Where Questions Vehicle Book Actual Picture small

From poetry which sees motherhood as another country to a chilling literary thriller, we round up the best books which have fresh perspectives on the role ...

Artist's conception of Earth's solar system

Using Adapted Books in Speech Therapy

My Adapted Books are only 1/2 page to save on paper and ink

Are you in need of a variety of books that you can use during the summer

Functional Interactive Adapted Books*4 SEASONS BUNDLE*Autism*Special Education

Here's a few of my adapted books. Hope they give you some ideas of all the possibilities!

The first thing I created was the I Like Bugs adapted book from Creative Curriculum Adaptations. I've gotten a couple of her books and I love them all.

Brushing Teeth Sequencing Adapted Book

book covers

Giant list of farm books for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten. This

Photo of New Print-Braille-and-Picture Book ...

I've included 2 adapted books to make doing math work a little more fun for our kiddos. Each book has 10 different totals to use the dollar up method to ...

Featured Books. The World's Worst Teachers

Alien Minds, Alien Tech (and Spiders, Too): Q&A With Sci-Fi Author Adrian Tchaikovsky


$10.00, tactile board book Photo of New Print-Braille-and-Picture Book ...

One of the keys to helping struggling readers is to provide them with books that they can and want to read. Fiction for struggling readers must have ...

Quotes about books vs movies: I'm all for whatever transitions the book properly

These books can be used with a variety of learners for basic clothing vocabulary in a variety of ways.

This interactive book is a hands on & fun way to work on counting skills with. Visit

RUNNING RECORD: Each book come with a running record with the text already written in. This provided excellent data to be used in their IEP's or when admin ...

Summer Reads for Teens

Summer Theme - Interactive Adapted Book Pack - Dollar Deal!

So, I prepped those and into the bins they went! I then went around my classroom and gathered different toys that I thought we could use for each core word.

I Like Books - 37 Picture Books for Kids in 1 App 4+

49 Incredible Books From 49 Different Countries

Purchase book. Music for Mr. Moon

Adapted books can vary in skill level and be used for a wide variety of students with different skill sets and literacy skills.

2018 in books: a literary calendar

tactile books collage

From phonic text stories to novels about body positivity, this is the best crop of new books for children of all ages

10 Ways to Use Poetry in Your Classroom

Adapted Book: BIRTHDAY PARTY – Special Education Resource for Reading

The Mist

It was very liberating to get away from the royal family and royal palaces and into daily life of aspiring people, hoping to rise from poverty into the New ...

AACtual Therapy: AAC, Literacy and Squishy Books

Teaching my students vocabulary in an explicit way has helped them learn it so much faster


New Publications Spring/Summer 2018

The Slightly Annoying Elephant takes to the stage

Brushing Teeth Sequencing Adapted Book

These are the bespoke reads that will keep them turning the page

Many activities included in the Made For Me Literacy curriculum provide two or three levels of difficulty. Meeting the needs of all your students is ...

Stars, Constellations and Planets: Fiction & nonfiction children's books and activities | Start with a Book

And those are just a small sample of my books in my classroom! So do you have any questions about adapting books? Or do you have any other ways that you ...


I got 2 different products from Kayla Coffman with My Special Learners. The first item was this Count it Out book. I only made the 1-10 book but the ...

I Like Books - 37 Picture Books for Kids in 1 App on the App Store


Looking for fun lesson plans and activities for back to school? Check out this 5

Gone with the Wind cover.jpg

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Quotes about books vs movies: Books and movies are like apples and oranges. They

Who's ready for summer?? I love pulling these books out for ESY students.

Each Adapted Book unit comes with a matching black and white copy of the book for higher functioning students

3 student example books

Adapted Book: WHAT IS THE WEATHER – Special Education Resource for Reading