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What Does a Cavity Feel Like Healthy Lifestyle Feelings

What Does a Cavity Feel Like Healthy Lifestyle Feelings


What Does Cavity Pain Feel Like?

Cavity 101: What is a Cavity?

Feeling Guilty About Not Flossing? Maybe There's No NeedFeeling Guilty About Not Flossing? Maybe There's No Need

Many who do survive are left with life-changing effects, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), chronic pain fatigue, organ dysfunction (organs ...

Bust these myths first to feel well. Cavities ...

The tongue of a patient with burning mouth syndrome, which looks much like that of a person without the condition.


I have a cavity? But I don't feel anything.

Tooth grinding


One in four adults has an untreated cavity, and according to the CDC, nearly every adult will have tooth decay at some point. You might have a cavity if you ...

What Would Happen If You Never Got A Cavity Filled?

Chipped tooth

The Children's Dental Health Survey found that 29 per cent of children aged five from better

5 Causes of Jaw Pain That You Need to Know

There are two reasons your tooth may change color after trauma: It's either trying to protect the nerve or it's dying. If it's protecting the nerve, ...

Types of cavities

Do Your Wisdom Teeth Really Have to Come Out?

person chewing ice


What is a dental filling?


My baby has cavities in her baby teeth. Does that make me a bad mother? - The Washington Post

An abscessed tooth can occur when infection spreads beyond the root of a tooth.

Image titled Know if Your Dental Fillings Need Replacing Step 10

woman holding chest due to bubbling feeling in chest

Professional general dentistry is the best approach for a healthy mouth and a healthy body by Integritydental - issuu

Warning Sign: Permanently Stained Teeth

Periodontitis is the more advanced form of gum disease, a major cause of tooth loss in adults. According to the CDC, nearly half of U.S. adults suffer from ...

By the way, doctor: Plugged-up feeling in an ear

The difference between having a cavity and needing a root canal

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Cavities are often a major sign of a sweet tooth. Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

A patient receives CPR.

Discovering cavities in my mouth January

How Smoking Affects the Mouth

The question: Just how gross is it really if I forget to brush my teeth before bed every once in a while?

Healthy Gums, Healthy Gut, Healthy Life by [

... that whatever is causing it is happening below the surface. Below, we explore some of the reasons you may be feeling a popping sensation and how we can ...

Eating and Speaking with Dentures

7 Possible Reasons Why Your Teeth Hurt (Other Than a Cavity)

If you regularly chomp on hard foods like nuts or ice cubes, grind your teeth or have a mouth piercing, you're at a higher risk for a chipped tooth.

Are there natural ways to prevent cavities? Many home remedies can prevent cavities or stop them at a very early stage. Find out more about causes, ...

Are you a mouth breather?

3 Common Yoga Poses You're Probably Doing Wrong--And How to Fix Them

8 Possible Causes for That Metallic Taste in Your Mouth

Caring for my teeth. A healthy smile can ...

6 Ways to Keep Your Gums Healthy

iStock/champja. How can ...

Feeling like you can't remember a thing? You might just be stressed–or one of these conditions could be to blame.

heal cavities

Why are My Teeth Sensitive to the Cold?

Drawing of a woman's facial profile with the jaw labeled. Inset shows teeth, gums

Illustration for article titled The 'Oil Pulling' Health Craze. What if I ...

Yes, people over 50 can get cavities. You can get them on the surfaces of teeth that have never been a problem before, but you can also get them around old ...

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The following image can help you identify and understand tooth decay, so you can help prevent it.

Sinus infection symptoms can include a feeling of pressure or fullness in the face, which is the result inflammation and infection inside sinus cavities.

Heart disease not the only reason for that feeling of angina

Joint pain, cavities, weight gain, that feeling like you're foggy and always feeling hungry. These are all signs you could be eating too much sugar.

What Does Crystal Meth do to Your Teeth?

A tooth abscess can form in the gum line or jawbone.

... of common nasal surgery — has stumped many doctors and scientists, some of whom suspect the suffocating condition may just be imaginary. But that isn't ...


Why neglecting your teeth could be seriously bad for your health

Here Are a Few Reasons Why

11 Morning Habits That Will Transform Your Life - Feeling Sexy

Root canal

Dysphagia: It's Like Being Waterboarded 24 Hours a Day

Eating disorder

iStock/Eva Katalin Kondoros. Cavities are ...

What causes a toothache?

On certain occasions, wisdom teeth become impacted or unable to surface. The result is

10 Stress Symptoms That Might Actually Surprise You

Cheerful young woman laughing

What Does It Mean to Have an Enlarged Heart?

I tried healing my cavities and got X ray proof


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To ease your anxiety, learn as much as you can. Focus on making healthy lifestyle choices that will give your baby the best start.

For these types of patients removing the tooth is the best course of action for overall oral and physical health.

8 Signs You're Eating Too Much Sugar. Why does something that ...

Rare cancers you've probably never heard of

Cracked Tooth

Relaxed girl breathing outdoors in winter. How often do you think ...