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Zanclus cornutus usually does not survive in captivity but

Zanclus cornutus usually does not survive in captivity but


Tips On Helping The Moorish Idol To Survive In Captivity

Zanclus cornutus Source: Waikiki Aquarium - Kewin Dannerfjord Remeczki

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Zanclus cornutus. Source: JJPhoto.dk

Zanclus cornutus. Source: Oceanreef.dk - Kasper Hareskov Tygesen

Zanclus cornutus occupies a variety of habitats; this individual was found on a rocky reef near Panama. Photo by Laszlo Ilyes.

Zanclus cornutus. Source: JJPhoto.dk

The Moorish Idol (Zanclus cornutus)

Heniochus diphreutes is so similar in appearance to Zanclus cornutus that it is often called the false Moorish idol. Photo by Bryan Harry.

It is becoming increasingly possible to keep the Moorish idol for extended periods of time in captivity. Photo by Georges Jansoone.

Zanclus cornutus

Zanclus cornutus in Kona.jpg

The moorish idol, Zanclus cornutus, is a small marine fish species, the sole representative of the the Family Zanclidae in order Perciform.

Moorish Idol

Adult Zanclus cornutus eating algae along Sri Lanka coasts © Giuseppe Mazza

Moorish Idol Picture

Zanclus cornutus

Moorish Idol

Moorish Idol (Zanclus cornutus)

The Zanclidae form a family intermediate for various characters between the elegant Chaetodontids, the butterfly

(Zanclus cornutus)

Moorish idol (Zanclus cornutus)

One of the most sought-after fish by the hobbyist is the Moorish idol. It's the only species in its genus, belonging to the Zanclidae family, and its unique ...

Zanclus cornutus (Moorish idol) [HD]

Moorish Idol

The late postlarval form is relatively large at 8 cm total length. Before transforming into the adult form, it sheds the preorbital spine on each side of ...

Young captive specimen. They are herbivorous and delicate fishes to be left to big public

Moorish Idol - 1 Year In Captivity

Often glimpsed alone, moorish idols will also form pairs or occasionally small schools. They are diurnal fish, sticking to the bottom of the reef at night ...

Moorish idols mate for life, and often live in pairs.


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Moorish idol (Zanclus cornutus)

Zanclus | Moorish idol | Zanclus cornutus . Video Credit (Crédito do Vídeo)

Moorish Idol

Their omnivorous diet can be extremely difficult to replicate in aquaria, as the vegetation which they live on is normally exterminated and they ...

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Zanclus cornutus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Tropical fish identification: Moorish idol (Zanclus cornutus)

Moorish idols are popular aquarium fish, but despite their popularity, they are notorious for short life aquarium and sensitivity.

longfin banner fish

Moorish Idols = Impossible to keep?

Photographer: Krzysztof Odziomek/Shutterstock

Photos of Moorish Idol

The Moorish Idol (Zanclus cornutus) is notoriously hard to feed and has a high

Want ...

Moorish Idol

Images of Moorish Idol

Kole Tang

Photo by John Randal

Animalia · Chordata · Actinopterygii · Perciformes · Zanclidae · Zanclus cornutus

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Photos by John Randal. Obviously getting Zanclus cornutus ...

Often mistaken with yesterday's Bannerfish, the Moorish Idol 🐠👳 ♂ 🗿(

In the aquarium[edit]

Some basics: moo

The cover of CORAL Magazine Volume 15, Issue 5 – ENIGMATIC REEF SPECIES – September

These big beauties are considered to be quite hardy, but because of their size may present a significant challenge to the keeper. They need huge aquariums, ...

The Moorish idol (Zanclus cornutus), is a marine fish species, the sole extant representative of the family Zanclidae in order Perciformes.

Moorish Idol (Zanclus cornutus)

Zanclus cornutus

Information like this may help others in keeping a Moorish Idol. A beautiful, if not the most beautiful marine fish. Do take good care of him.


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Philippines postage - Zanclus cornutus (Moorish idol)

Moorish Idol (Zanclus cornutus)

Gnathanodon speciosus

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Moorish idol (Zanclus cornutus) eating New Life Spectrum granule food 2.7.2015

Black and White Heniochus

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Zanclus cornutus This fish belongs to the family Zanclidae, it is the only species of

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The drift of the waves could be felt really quite well underwater!

Moorish Idol (Zanclus cornutus) Family: Zanclidae (Moorish Idol) Natural Range: Indian Ocean, Indo-Pacific Region, Pacific Ocean Depth: 10 to 600 ft.


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Porcupine Puffer

Moorish idol, Zanclus cornutus, on Osprey Reef.

Introducing our cover feature, Scott Michael writes, "While there are literally hundreds of

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Moorish idol (Zanclus cornutus) eating frozen food 2.7.2015

5 Great Bottom Dwelling Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Acanthurus lineatus ...

This is not a timid species. It falls more in the moderate category peaceful. In a community setting Moorish idols should be housed with non-aggressive ...

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