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Browsethestacks Superman Immortal And Captain America Triumphant

Browsethestacks Superman Immortal And Captain America Triumphant


browsethestacks: “Superman: Immortal And Captain America: Triumphant by Alex Ross ”

Old Superman and Captain America by Alex Ross

Alex Ross - Marvelocity: The Marvel Comics Art of Alex Ross (Pantheon Graphic Library)

Marvel Comic Universe, Marvel Dc, Marvel Heroes, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers Comics

Doug: As a relative novice to all-things-Starlin, I really felt welcomed by the ease of this story. It was certainly a heavy subject to deal with, ...

browsethestacks: Detective Comics #1000 (2019.

Superman Family, Batman Superman Comic, Superman Stuff, Dc Comics Art, Superman Action

An ominous figure drives by the scene in a Rolls Royce, arriving at a factory where the former villain formerly known as Power Man is working (that's right, ...

When he sees Mar-Vell in bed he breaks down, sobbing at his side. Ben and the Torch clear out of the room and close the doors, telling everyone, ...

The Enigma Force revealed as Commander Rann's life force born again and again during his thousand year journey across the Microverse.

browsethestacks: Vintage Comic - Showcase #065 Pencils: Mike.



Amazing Spider-Man Worldwide 8 - (Amazing Spider-Man) by Dan Slott

browsethestacks: Thing (1983-1984)

Karen: The contrast between those two scenes is wonderful. As for Thor, he did sometimes exhibit medical know-how, although it does seem odd that he would ...

That kind of scene always reminds me of the Hulk wailing away on an unmoving Superman in the classic treasury-sized Superman and Spider-Man, ...




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kruma: Takatsugu Kimura, 1984

Despite all of his triumphs, he's come to recognize that this is a battle he'll lose, and it's a hard thing for such a warrior to accept.

My brain thoughts: I really can't take a character wearing a monocle all that seriously; it just makes me think of Mr. Peanut. Which, now makes me want a ...

Superman/Batman #14 (2005)

Conan #1 by Alex Ross

Erhard Schreier, 1984

Jim Lee Detective Comics #1000 Variants

Doug: Luthor "escapes" the confinement meted out by Ultraman and makes his way to our Earth, a place that Ultraman will later call "Earth 2".

Doom returns to his castle in Latveria, via his time machine platform. He is greeted by Hauptmann, who is a little sour at Doom ever since Doom killed his ...


Doug: Ultimately the JLA is faced with defeat; not at the hands of the Crime Syndicate, but a philosophical resignation to Morrison's posit that good cannot ...


1940-11 - Superman Volume 1 - #7 - World's Greatest Adventure-Strip

sevenheadstencrowns:The Spectre by Kelley Jones

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Doug's Favorites: Thor 147

Alex Ross on Instagram: “#superman #action1000”

Detective Comics #1000 by Adam Hugues

Immortal Hulk #12 by Alex Ross

Nefaria, triumphant over the Avengers, is suddenly surrounded by lightning.

browsethestacks: Stan Lee Meets… (2006)

Kanigher pits Flash against some other dimensional malevolent beings who grow and shrink rapidly but who fall before the mighty Flash who uses his ...

Marvel Double Feature Featuring Captain America and Iron Man #avengers

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Detective Comics #1000 variant cover by Artger.

Captain America, Yellowjacket, Black Panther, and the Wasp arrive on the scene, and the battle begins.

... as he fears they will change their minds and lead Galactus to Mekka. As they battle the robots, Ben demolishes one, to his deep regret, and then forces ...

Chris is on Infinite Earths: Superman #356 (1981)

Thankfully, Captain America is there to keep him from going too far. (The Purple Man definitely falls into that Joker realm of villains in comics.

Conan #2 by Alex Ross

Marvel Anniversary Covers by Alex Ross - Marvel Comics - Avengers - Wanda Maximoff - The Scarlet Witch - Captain America - Comic Book Art

It is Thanos. Some part of him has returned, to face Mar-Vell one last time. Whether this occurs on some higher level of existence, or in Mar-Vell's ...

The Whizzer's punches are having zero impact on Nefaria (probably because he's elderly, and the elderly are useless) but it does distract him enough for the ...

It's worth noting that at this point in time, the Avengers had been grounded by the government, but Thor says Tony Stark will help them.

Captain America Cover Marvel Vs, Marvel Dc Comics, Marvel Heroes, Comic Book Heroes

Sif is a recent addition to my favorites list, following a month-long Thor binge-reading campaign leading up to the release of the second feature film.

Related image Absorbing Man, Marvel Art, Pulp Fiction, Captain America, Comic Books

They all try to explain how difficult such a task would be, but Rick perceives this as a cop-out and storms off, saying that maybe they just don't want to ...

Hawkeye was probably the original rabble-rouser and pot-stirrer on a superhero team. Hawkeye is the most arrogant guy in the room, but is usually able to ...

browsethestacks: Stan Lee And Friends

Captain America by ~RoloMallada on deviantART Captain America Photos, Captain America Comic, Capt


After letting loose with the statement “Nothing can stop me! I can indulge any whim I've ever had!” he spots an attractive young woman nearby, ...

Superman Family, Batman And Superman, Superman Stuff, Marvel Comics Superheroes, Marvel Characters

Mentor goes off on them, stating that his son was a psychopath who didn't give a damn about any of them. As they are scooted off the ship, Mar-Vell begins ...

Nov 16, 2015

Birds Of Prey 56-60 and Secret Files (2003)

Doug: We pick up the story right after Thor's battle with the aforementioned Ringmaster. Trapped in a gallery of some unknown (to me) description, ...

golden age superman - Google Search Action Comics 1, Dc Comics Art, Superman Family

I've never read a Doop story I didn't like, and every time an artist draws him in the background of a Wolverine & the X-Men comic, my heart grows ...

Fighting American

Doug: I think, like you said, that the image at right is iconic, but to me it looks more iconically Romita than Ditko! Don't you think there is so much more ...

Back in Camelot, the knight on guard freaks out a bit at the sight of Doom leading an army of zombie knights towards the castle.

Action Comics 35 - Superman - Nazi - Bullets - Machine Gun - War Comic Book

... with a maniac called Nitro (back in Captain Marvel #34), when he had to seal a canister of nerve gas with his bare hands. The gas acted as a carcinogen.

... Thor stands triumphant, himself having already been restored to full power by Odin in the previous issue. Karnilla magically snatches Thor away, ...

Alex Ross, Superman Lois, Superman Family, Superman Stuff, Comic Artist, Comic


Thor and Nefaria square off for a titanic bout of legendary proportions. Nefaria takes Mjolnir right in the belly, and Thor comes swooping in for a massive ...

Action Comics 031 (1940) Superman Action Comics, Batman Superman Comic, Children's Comics


Balder heroically fighting Ulik to save her life has done little to quell the burning she has in her loins for him. This is definitely the most overt ...

Doug: I think Paul Levitz wrote a touching story that was a bit more emotionally-charged toward sadness than Alan Moore's "Whatever Happened to the Man of ...

Captain America by Humberto Ramos Comic Artist, Comic Book Artists, Comic Book Characters,

Unfortunately, Captain Marvel fighting people around the world in the middle of World War II means it's full of racial caricatures.

Karen: Zeus shuts things down quickly, as Thor pretty quickly accepts his authority. I suppose he was used to this sort of thing with Odin.

Captain America & Spidey illustrated by Jae Lee

Baron Karza reveals that everything that has happened has gone all according to plan, and he readies himself for battle.

Doug: The two guards fall into the chasm, and Thor rides off. He recognizes his surroundings as the palace of King Rugga, and leaves a trail of bodies as he ...

Marvel Poster Superman, Bucky, Comic Art, Comic Pics, Captain Marvel, Captain

So I'm sure these books are quaint and kinda silly, and I'm sure they were written with that in mind. But when I was 8, they were informative, entertaining, ...

Doug: Frank Quitely's art is some sort of cross for me between that of Ed McGinnis and later Frank Miller. I draw those comparisons due in large part to ...

Cover for Justice Society of America (DC, 1991 series)

Eventually, Acroyear accidentally wins the bout in the most decisive way possible.