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Shipping containers at the China-Kazakhstan logistics terminal on May 31, 2018 in Lianyungang

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'We are Filipinos, and we hate China': China's influence in the Philippines, and backlash against Tsinoys



Western News Sites Blocked as Chill on Chinese Media Continues

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How Xi's China is replacing the U.S. as Asia's military titan

Children attacked at Chinese kindergarten

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Imperial Jewels of China 2020 - Beijing to Shanghai - Yangtze River Cruise - Viking Cruise Overview

Local artists practice dragon dance on January 22, 2017 in Zunyi, Guizhou Province of

The Forbidden City and the Imperial Palace, Beijing

China is creating a 2000km quantum network from Shanghai to Beijing Credit: Alamy

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Russia-China economic cooperation has great potential: Kremlin

One interesting note is that, unlike Western fascination with cannabis “buds” or flowers

... high-ranking government official, portrayed with a pompous self-importance and a penchant for adultery. His ambition is to create a “ China Dream Device” ...

China advised to take new approach to Belt and Road

The Great Wall of China's long legacy

Just to look, not to stay.

Airbnb Wants to Find a Home in China

Welcome to Standard Chartered China

People take part in dragon boat races to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival across China

Terrorist attacks show Pakistan's need to reassure China on security

At least 21 miners died when a roof collapsed in a coal mine in northern China, officials say.

The PLA Navy held its largest ever fleet review in the South China Sea last year

China's Public Diplomacy: International firms face reputational risks

China once boasted about its global economic plans. That swagger has faded a bit.

Follow the New Silk Road: China's growing trail of think tanks and lobbyists in Europe

China uses Taiwan as R&D lab to disrupt democracies

Apple officially moves its Chinese iCloud operations and encryption keys to China

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China Holidays

Bing Went Down in China and No One Will Say Why

17 Secrets of the Great Wall of China

Massive explosion at Chinese chemical plant kills at least 6

China Viewed From Above

Here Are the Outlooks of the Deals Between China and Hollywood

A thin section of the Great Wall of China near Beijing disappearing into the distant hills

China in 2013: The Confidence Game

Why China still needs Silicon Valley

China's "pawn shops" have loaned $43B, mostly secured by real-estate

Trump's Trade War With China Could Cost the Average Family Up to $2,300 a Year, Report Estimates

Illuminated city at night with red-coloured skyscrapers

Boats cruising through the beautiful Qutang Gorge along Yangzi River, China

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Trade: The yin of China's internationalization strategies

Forget Trump: Why We're Headed For A Long, Cold U.S. And China Trade War

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Flights to China from 379 EUR

Map showing dominant religions in China by county.

China's GDP for the first quarter of 2018 was 19.88 trillion yuan. This was 10.5% more than the first quarter of 2017 (18.03 trillion yuan).

This week, USCBC's VP for China Operations Jake Parker is in Washington, so we aren't headed to China at all! While he's in the office, we grabbed him to ...

Heat wave brings high temperature to hit North China and .

Google Employees Uncover Ongoing Work on Censored China Search

China Completes First Offshore Rocket Launch

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(Hunan Map Press/Xinhua)

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There is concern among China's liberal elite that China and the US are on a collision

... China BRI will potentially span 68 countries and could have implications for each of these countries

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Google's prototype Chinese search engine reportedly links searches to phone numbers


The scenic province of Yunnan

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The History of China : Every Year

China Is Already in Crisis


Great Wall of China

Shipping containers sit stacked at Qingdao Port in China on May 28.

CIFTIS 2019. ...

World's Largest Ice Sculpture Festival Opens in China with Chillingly-Cool Architecture

Made in China 2025: The domestic tech plan that sparked an international backlash