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Iphone keeps saying no sim4002019020113351861 top iphone apps

Iphone keeps saying no sim4002019020113351861 top iphone apps


Apple introduced Screen Time with iOS 12, but some say the app is not as

iPhone Screenshots

iPhone Screenshots

Screenshots. iPhone · iPad

... you can also go right to the Settings app and see if it's listed there. However, like mentioned above, not all apps have iOS-specific settings, ...

Multiple apps have new features in iOS 12. There's a Browse feature in Apple News and an Apple News sidebar on the iPad, and Apple has entirely redesigned ...

The week ticker is a great way to get a general overview of how busy the upcoming week is and to quickly swipe ahead to a specific date.

MLB At Bat on the App Store

The best new apps around today

Tapping on delete brings up the standard app deletion interface, where you can confirm the app's deletion or select the cancel option.

Unread's sparse interface, serene reading environment, and excellent use of gestures makes it a phenomenal RSS app for the iPhone, where one-handed use is ...

The best text messaging apps for Android and iOS

Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone 2019

iOS 12 on an iPhone X.

The 100 Best iPhone Apps

This allows you to work on your newsletter while it's in the Drafts subgroup, then once you export it you can move it to the Published subgroup to keep ...

Box for iPhone and iPad 4+

android vs ios v apps

Popular iOS email app Spark is finally available for Android

Olive Tree Bible App on the App Store

They've built the top Muslim app with zero marketing budget. It now has 62m downloads


The saying goes, "On the internet, no one knows you're a dog." Is that a good thing for an app for teens?

Your iPhone says “Verification Required” when you're in the App Store and you're not sure why. There is so much misinformation about this problem, ...

You may also see a message saying ”Verifying…”

10 paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now

It's by far the best-looking app in terms of aesthetic design. It also works on the iPhone X, which I can't say for the other apps mentioned here.

Best Pedometer and Step Counter Apps for iPhone

You just heard about a cool new app and you're ready to try it out, but when you open the App Store to download it, the screen is either blank or ...

iPhone Life - Best Apps, Top Tips, Great Gear

iPhone Screenshots

Buying the new iPhone XR? You'll need a case to keep it safe.

Best drawing apps for iPhone

5 Best vpns for iphone and ipad

The Best Mobile Scanning Apps

Geek Tip: When we say favorite it is not necessarily the apps that we use most, but ones that we currently like a lot. Ifyou'd like to see what IOS apps you ...

No, really, it is. The Outlook app for iOS contains both your email and calendars in one application and is hands-down the easiest way to use either of them ...

Even without an official iPad stylus (until yesterday, that is), FiftyThree's Paper for the iPad was one of the best apps out there for showing just how ...

iPhone XS and XS Max: Going for the gold

Here at iPhone Life, we're big fans of Apple, but that doesn't mean learning how to use the new mobile operating system (iOS) they release each year comes ...

... the top subscription video apps like Netflix and Hulu raked in a combined $781 million, and that trend is showing no sign of slowing down in 2018.

Cycling apps just keep getting better… and many of them are free

Firefox: Private, Safe Browser on the App Store

Breaker (iOS: Free)

How To Draw – Easy Lessons: This is one of THE most popular drawing apps out there and with good reason. Offering step-by-step lessons, it's perfect for ...

Bear's Typography


Trying to take a Photo but iPhone says storage is full, when it's not.

Cellular data not working check the Control Center button on iPhone

It is very easy to navigate though TopStore VIP app as it has very user-friendly interface. It also very simple to install any application from this app ...

best birding apps for iPhone, iPad, iOS and Android

The Best Notes app: Bear

iA Writer puts an emphasis on simplicity, making it a simple matter to get started writing in plain text. That's not to say that there aren't advanced ...

the Photos app on iPhone and Mac

App Blocker for iOS

The best phone below $300, without much contest, is Motorola's Moto G6. And making it all the better, it frequently costs considerably less than that.

Apple Photos

My iPhone Says Searching! Here's Why & The Real Fix.

Screenshots. iPhone · iPad

Access and transfer iPhone apps

Eclipse is by far the best-known dark mode-centric jailbreak tweak around, so there's little to say here except that Eclipse Dark Mode (iOS 12) brings ...

Best Alarm Clock Apps

The iOS App Store was redesigned with iOS 11, and with Mojave, it's macOS's turn. macOS Mojave features a revamped Mac App Store with a Discover tab ...

The thing that sets Obscura 2 apart from many of its competitors is that, much like a digital camera, it features extensive customization options.


If your iPhone is unlocked, you can even access it hands-free by saying “Hey Siri” and then “OK Google” (if that's the phrase you pick).

Screenshots. iPhone ...

A classic RSS reader that has been around a long time, Unread is the app that many of the so-called iOS power users will push you towards, and with good ...

Apple guidelines warn to avoid using special characters as they don't carry any weight in the search rank. If you are using numbers, write the digit, ...

These Are the TVs That Will Have Apple's AirPlay 2

8. Hangman RSS

Everything makes sense, to the point that it almost doesn't warrant mentioning. Whereas our previous top pick Narwhal is the kind of app ...

Turo - Better Than Car Rental on the App Store

best pregnancy apps of the year

iCloud is awesome for photos, for music – not really. You can only play your file within the iCloud app on your iPhone. Same like with AirDrop you can't ...

cars with Android Auto

Simon says

Meetin.gs is an all-in-one tool for creating meetings and managing your meeting schedule. The app lets you create a personal meeting page where visitors can ...

How is your charisma? | by Romain Y. pg.

2. NordVPN. Good speeds

The best simple list-making app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Option D: Buy a phone from Samsung or Google that automatically identifies spam callers

Drippler: Discover Apps & Tips on the App Store

In a survey the Pratilipi of its users, 84% said they would not mind paying a subscription fee of Rs 50-100 a month if the content is better curated, says ...

If you do not want to send a sticker to say hello, simply tap the x button on the top right of the screen.

If you don't mind shelling out some money up front for a good app, spring for TapeACall Pro. For just $11, you get unlimited call recording time, ...

If that second app supports multi-tasking, you can enter Split View, which lets both apps fill half the screen (see above). There is even ...

Google Cast and Miracast together

iPhone XR: Premium without the cost

TV Time - Track What You Watch on the App Store