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Trump rats Turn On Citizens To Gain Illegals for Votes Three

Trump rats Turn On Citizens To Gain Illegals for Votes Three


Trump Uses Language of Exterminators in Attack on 'Illegal Immigrants'


Trump Uses Language of Exterminators in Attack on 'Illegal Immigrants'

Trump's GOP is running harder than ever on the politics of fear

President Donald Trump is pictured. | Getty Images

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Trump issues first veto, defying Congress' rebuke of his border emergency order

3 House Democrat says he believes Trump will eventually be impeached

President Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Pensacola, Florida

Only half of voters want Congress to force release of Trump's tax returns

Photo: On paper, Donald Trump can't win. But elections aren't won on paper. (Al Drago / Getty Images)

Donald Trump says Merkel made 'catastrophic mistake' on migrants

Donald Trump is an existential threat to American democracy

Cuccinelli, a righteous, faith-driven warrior who delights in provocation, will join Trump administration

Stop Saying Trump's Win Had Nothing To Do With Economics

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Newscom


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Trump's audience is angry. So angry, it can barely see through the red fog


Walsh: Working-Class Trump Voters 'Forgot Where They Came From'


How to Build an Autocracy

California Republicans see what happens when more voters vote, and they don't like it one bit

Why Donald Trump is wrong about Germany's crime rate

Donald Trump

The Macedonian Teens Who Mastered Fake News

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar at the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC on Wednesday. Photograph

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Win in New Hampshire PrimaryDonald Trump and Bernie Sanders Win in New Hampshire Primary

Trump's Diminishing Power and Rising Rage

How Trump Is Transforming Rural America

Ian Allen

Did Trump Echo Hitler by Calling Undocumented Immigrants 'Animals'?

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President Trump, at NATO headquarters in Brussels on May 25. (Etienne Laurent/European Pressphoto Agency)

Mr Trump shaking hands with Michael Gove during the interview.

Grading President Donald Trump in his second year

At Trump's hotel, spiritual warriors pray for the president Trump

Transcript: Donald Trump's full immigration speech, annotated

President Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Pensacola, Florida

A 1903 cartoon by Louis Dalrymple in Judge magazine depicts European immigrants as rats. (

AP. “

Abaca ...

Thomas and Erica McTague, 38 and 33, Plymouth, Pa.

File Photo: Undocumented migrants holding vigil at Leinster House.

In one of the closest races of the midterms, the Missouri senator strategizes to save her seat from a Trump Republican.

Trump says immigration system is a national security threat, but goes easy on Russia

The Real Roots of American Rage

trump american tail rat

The Heavenly Heights of Evangelical Hypocrisy

Forever GI Bill


Trump's China tariffs are a regressive tax on Americans and risk a recession

The family real-estate business was powered by subsidies and cheap government-backed loans.

Barack Obama and Donald Trump at the 2017 Inauguration

Trump's China tariffs are a regressive tax on Americans and risk a recession | Robert Reich | Opinion | The Guardian

Fox News Analyst Slams Trump With Savage Cohen Fact Check

Meet The Texas Presidential Elector Who Might Not Vote for Trump – Texas Monthly

Shannon Goodin, 24, Owosso, Mich.

Trump in the Oval Office in January 2017. (AP Photo / Alex Brandon)

President Donald Trump

Alabama Republican Jeff Sessions became the first senator to endorse Donald Trump for president.AP Photo/John Bazemore

President Trump Hits Back Hard At TV Pundit Ann Coulter: “Wacky Nut Job” – Deadline


Children victimized by Trump's cruel immigration policy

Trump Promises Britain a 'Substantial Trade Deal' as Protesters Gather

In a Battle It Cannot Win, New York City Will Spend $32 Million to Fight Rats

Until Trump's election, immigration hard-liners' most significant victories were tanking the two best chances at comprehensive immigration overhaul in ...

President Donald Trump at the Mid-America Center on 9 October 2018 in Council Bluffs

Trump Reveals His Ignorance on Russia

Broward recount shenanigans: 46,000 Democrat votes “found” after election day, with more to come

Republicans rigged our democracy. Here's how Democrats can fight back

Donald Trump, Robert De Niro

Santa Clara County had a record turnout for Donald Trump's election night victory—that doesn't mean he took the county. (Photo via SHutterstock.com)

Donald Trump, Mayor Ed Koch, and Roy Cohn attend the Trump Tower opening in

President Donald Trump. (Reuters / Carlos Barria)

Flyer Urging Citizens to Report 'Illegal Aliens' Appears in LIC/Sunnyside Area

A protest against the Trump Administration's family-separation policy. G. Ronald Lopez/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Trump's Executive Order on 'Welfare' Is Designed to Pit Workers Against One Another

How Trump's travel ban became normal

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the American Airlines Center on

WSJ: National Enquirer publisher David Pecker granted immunity

Pelosi addresses members of her caucus during a meeting in February

Opinion | Why Donald Trump's Space Force is both funny and frightening | South China Morning Post

Supreme Court upholds Trump's travel ban, bolstering president's power to block new arrivals

Trump Is the Symptom, Not the Disease


In 2009, 18 members of the House Immigration Reform Caucus attended FAIR's “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” event, as did five senators, including Sessions.

Supporters attend a campaign rally with U.S. President Donald Trump at the Mid-America Center

Finally, there is also a possibility of an “all against the establishment” alliance of the far right, Eurosceptics, and the far left.

Angel mom demands action on the border wall

Immigration activists rally outside the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington April 18, 2016.

NYC Mayor and Pelosi Promise To Sue Trump. Why? Because... Feelings.

A look back on two dismal years of the Trump administration