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VULTURE wAKE vultures wake birdwatching gooutside frenzy

VULTURE wAKE vultures wake birdwatching gooutside frenzy


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vULTURE wAKE #vultures #wake #birdwatching #gooutside #frenzy #neocurio #artatak | nATURE sKY cRITTERS wATER go outside SAVE THE PLANET!

wAKE oF vULTURES fEEDING fRENZY sLO mO neocurio. BirdwatchingVultureRaptorsShort ...

Photo credits: Hooded Vulture photograph – www.pinterest.com; Hooded Vulture stamp - http://www.wnsstamps.post



One of five rescued Himalayan griffon vultures is released back to the wild in the Kathpara area of Assam, India on April 9, 2015. The vultures were rescued ...

wADING iN tHE wATER #birdwatching #egret #heron #florida #nature #neocurio #ebayseller #ebay #artatak #etsy #etsyseller

Photocredits: Bearded Vulture photograph and stamp – www.pinterest.com

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ECO standing with his hand in the air as a red-tailed hawk flies off

Red Bearded Vulture


Photo from TrekOhio's website

The bearded vulture (Gypaetus barbatus), also known as the lammergeier or ossifrage, is a bird of prey and the only member of the genus Gypaetus.

Ellen Rathbone: Turkey Vulture Tales

Crow and Turkey Vulture. Photo by Verne Nelson, Oakland, CA.

mAGNOLIA gREEN jUMPER sPIDER #magnoliagreenjumper #spider #florida #inthegarden #alllifematters #neocurio

large_African_Wh..d_Vulture_2.jpg. African White Backed Vulture


Turkey Vulture eating a dead rabbit https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2014/11/25/366545524/how-can- vultures-eat-rotten-roadkill-and-survive

Smaller birds streaked by, their wings back, their tails long. “Kestrels,” she said. “Like the TVs, they're migrating.”

pELICANS fLAPPING dRAFTING slo & rEG mO neocurio

Arisrophanes Birds •nd Other Pl•y. 0;\rO R O W() lt I IJ' \

The bird might be rare elsewhere, but in recent years it seemed to be doing quite well in Ghana, where it was seen commonly in landfill sites, food markets, ...

A really bizarre sight.


31 May 2019

Adam Leonard

Even though Bearded Vultures have a comparatively wide range across Europe, Africa and Asia, breeding populations are often quite small, and with a spotty ...




gINNIE sPRINGS cRYSTAL cLEAR #water #springs #florida #ginniesprings #eden #neocurio #ebayseller #ebay #artatak #etsy #etsyseller

Murray Cooper

Wednesday I spent a very enjoyable time walking up the River Tiegn at Steps Bridge through Dunsford Woods to the meadows and back again, so many birds ...

Inside Israel's Vast Network of Animal Spies

An Educators Guide to Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge

Today I counted 26 Birds but probably more up river and more to come, great sight to see them bombing about the river and great sport trying to get any sort ...

Male ...

Lake George is the summer home of many people we never see.


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Attack! How Falcons Stalk Their Prey in Flight

Black-throated Blue Warbler www pinterest com

Friend: The first one is an easy problem and simple solution. Applying the solution may be a little more of an issue. The really good thing is I had a 2 day ...



Wild Turkey

Birding Like It's 1899: Inside a Blockbuster American West Video Game

I've been keeping the feeders clean (10% bleach solution) so will next try spreading them apart so that there isn't as much interaction between birds.

Li et al. compared birdlife in inhabited villages and abandoned villages, counting birds that were seen or heard. The researchers were interested in both ...

Birds hunt for fish in a stream inside Kaziranga National Park in Assam, India on January 19, 2019. Kaziranga is rich in biodiversity with over 478 species ...

This applies as much to birds as it does to quantum mechanics or planets circling distant stars. I try to keep up with the ornithological literature by ...

Certainly a lot better here, to the point a few Butterflies out with Small Tort, Peacock and Speckled Wood flying around. A few birds ...


A Traveller's Guide to Feathers, Article 82 – Loving Birds for Valentine's Day. 11 February 2018

Brooder 1 feeding frenzy

Happy Darwin Day!

Once again surprisingly few species of birds for this time of year. Even with a power packed birding team heard more birds than we saw.

On the way home I popped into Stover Park which continues to disappoint me, hardly any Ducks on the middle, Mallard,1 pair of Tufted and some Mandarins, ...

Abbott's Booby www birdtheme org


01/19/15 I set up a shelter for ...

This was one of those last minute decisions to go for a birding walk before the rain started, which it did about 2 hours after the walk ended.

www canadianpostagestamps ca american-kestrel-canada-stamp

Lake Zinave, mozambique

This is a different bird from the harlequin drake that lives back up the Noyo River near Dolphin Isle Marina. Happy Birding, -- Cate Hawthorn

Male ...

Did see a few Raven, Jackdaw, Carrion Crow, Magpie, A few fly over Buzzard, Skylark, Meadow Pipit, Stonechat and Wheatear.

Saw a second female House Finch with House Finch Disease.

Two Little Owl fledglings on an indoor perch. During June in Beijing, many young birds of prey are lost from their nests and found by local people.

Chump Lady is feeling a little stabby lately. This is what comes from following the news cycle. I won't get into it. I try to keep things nonpartisan here, ...

Peregrine Audubon Society - A California chapter of the National Audubon Society

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Brooder 1 feeding frenzy

A ...

Close-up of one of the young albino crows. Photo by Kathleen Bernz.

June's Diary performing at the Richmond Colise…

While walking around Meadows, Dartmoor, Reserves and Hedgerows looking for Butterflies I've seen some great birds, many in full song such as the Warblers ...

Brooder 1 feeding frenzy

Short-tailed Hawk

Kaga www pinterest com

Yellow ...

In that garden I also saw the wild Australian dog—the dingo. He was a beautiful creature—shapely, graceful, a little wolfish in some of his aspects, ...

The Odyssey in Modern English for More Enjoyable Reading in EPUB, PDF & MOBI | Shakespir

Shooting the birds in direct sun (behind me) and they saturate out. What should can I adjust before taking the shot?

A luecistic crow. Photo by Susan Boucher Ohmann.

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Some great birds

Spotted eagle owl in tree facing camera